What Are The Favorite Sports In The USA

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Sports have been around for millenniums, with the first competitive ones ranging back to 776 BC and the first Greek Olympic Games. Since then, the sport has been developing in all ways, and each year we seem to get a new sports activity or at least variations of the already existing ones. Similar to the gladiator arenas that once were now we have sports stadiums that can fit thousands of people who came to watch and have some fun to cheer for their favorite team.

And don’t forget that engaging in some type of sports yourself is pretty important, especially taking into consideration the sedentary lifestyle most of us are living. A 45-minute activity a few times a week will work like a charm.

Anyways, with hundreds of different sports out there – ranging from traditional baseball, soccer and basketball ones to winter and summer sports; it is not easy to determine what is the most popular one. Still, after comparing few key factors (tickets sold, live stream traffic, merch bought, etc.), we managed to come up with a list of the most popular sports in the USA. Let’s take a look!

The Most Popular Sports In The USA

  1. American Football. When it comes to sports in the USA, you just have to admit that American football is the most popular one since its beginnings and we are sure that is how it will stay for the time being. What makes it so attractive and exciting is that there aren’t few teams that are much superior to the rest of the league – almost every team has a chance of winning and that is what makes it unique. The NFL and even the college American football league is the most watched program in the whole country, and the SuperBowl is surely an event tens of millions are eagerly awaiting every year. The names that certainly made the game even more popular are Johhny Unitas, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady – the renowned quarterbacks!

Source: nfl.com

  1. When you think of America’s most significant inventions, you have to think about baseball – a game that has been around since the 20th century and still remains to be one of the most popular sports out there. Names like Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth determined the baseball’s place in people’s heart, and till now the game hasn’t changed much. What is unique about it is that it lasts much longer than all other sports games, which can make some people bored, but believe us if you are the true fan in every minute of it you will find enjoyment. The New York Yankees remain to be the most favorite baseball team out there!

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  1. How can you talk about sports in the USA and not mention the most demanding basketball league – NBA? Basketball has to be #3 on the list, and the NBA has to be one of the most followed sports leagues all over the world. With Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson changing the game with their popularity and skill, nowadays it is, even more, demanding with the 82 games a season and all-star players like LeBron James, and a recently retired Kobe Bryant leading their teams to fame. The college basketball league is pretty interesting as well, as usually provides the soon to be NBA stars!

Source: nba

  1. Ice Hockey. A sport that people have to be really focused to follow takes the #4 place on our list. Though Canadians are dominating the game (like Howe, Gretzky, and Lemieux), it still is one of the most popular sports in all US states. The New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings are one of the most popular and oldest teams in the game!

Source: Wikipedia

  1. Though we were making our mind between MMA and boxing, we decided to go for the one that promises more. Sure everyone enjoyed watching Muhammed Ali and Tyson dominating their opponents, but compared to boxing, MMA is much more diverse. With the men and women MMA industry being equally interesting it is one of the fastest growing sports in the states. There are 11 weight divisions, and names like Ronda Rousey and Connor McGregor (the two most popular fighters on the scene currently) are there to break any promotion records. We are yet to see what MMA can bring us in the future, but for now, we know that it is a demanding yet fun sport to watch!



Along with the listed top five ones (+ mentioned boxing), we would name tennis, soccer, racing, and golf in there as well. No matter what and whose fan you are, watching sports is an amazing activity to do in the free time with your friends or family. And what is even better is engaging in one of these. So go out shoot some ball or strike a few home-runs and don’t forget to have fun!

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