What Are The Ways To Reduce Prescription Medication Costs

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We all know that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest ones out there and hundreds of medications have been invented for various conditions. Now, if you suffer from any of chronic conditions such as diabetes, you know that buying prescription medicine on a monthly basis can take quite a bite out of your budget. And the trend doesn’t seem to stop – from what we are told the price of prescription medicine is only going to rise in the upcoming years.

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The problem with this is that not all people have enough money to support their treatment and even if they went for a good insurance plan it could still represent quite a burden for their budget. With this in mind, there are certain methods that you can follow and thus reduce rising medication costs. Some are connected to your insurance while others represent a separate medication program for which you pay a monthly fee.

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look!

How To Reduce Prescription Costs

1. Well, one of the best things you can do is to opt out of branded medication and search for similar generic meds. The thing is, the brand doesn’t have to mean anything and chances are you will be able to continue an effective treatment as long as it contains the same active ingredients as an original Of course, it should be tested and certified – and there is a bigger chance that your prescription insurance plan will cover it.

2. Now, along with if the prescribed medication is too expensive you can try and look for alternatives. Go to your local pharmacy and ask them if they can recommend you a similar med that can be as effective but at a much lower price. Chances are for most of the conditions you will be able to find an alternative that is much cheaper and maybe even covered by your insurance plan. Just switching from one to another similar one can save you hundreds of dollars each and every month.

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3. Don’t be lazy and go out of your local area to find the relevant pharmacy. It is a fact that certain pharmacies charge more either because they are a famous name or they are situated at a popular location. In one case the medication for high cholesterol called Lipitor was only $4.5 at one pharmacy and once the patient crossed the street and entered a more famous one the same medication was $150. So we recommend that you try out smaller pharmacies as well – believe our chances are they will have a much lower price than some of the big dogs that are in the pharmaceutical game.

4. Last but not least you might want to go for certain patient prescription programs that could give you access to a specific medicine for a monthly fee. Prescription Hope is a nationally-approved program that covers over 1,500 FDA-prescribed medicine and cooperates with around 180 manufacturers. This means that you are getting the best medicine at the lowest price. And as of insurance plans they usually work together, and if you sign up for Prescription Hope, you might better even better care than what you have paid for. The price that this program stands at is $50 a month for each medication you need!


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The costs of specific treatment know to pump up and without even knowing you are spending a few hundred dollar bills on a monthly basis. Now, that is not something that you want while on the other hand you still need that treatment. Luckily, there are certain methods that you can follow to reduce the prescribed costs. Take a look, do some research and figure out a monthly program that can save you more few hundred dollars each month!

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