Ever Wonder What Michelle Obama Smells Like?



What does Michelle Obama smell like? Apparently, our first guesses of sunshine and warm apple pie were wrong. The First Lady’s signature scent has been revealed, and it’s “Love in White” by Creed. The Creed brand is one of those Parisian institutions that goes way back—the company has been producing luxury scents since 1760, and has remained family-owned. “Love in White,” a floral and oriental fragrance, is one of the parfumerie’s best sellers, and doesn’t come cheap at $230 per bottle. We’re not sure that’s a price we’d pay for any perfume, but read the description and you get the picture that a lot goes into the hand-mixed concoction, which includes ingredients like “young iridescent rice husk from Tonkin in the south Asian sea; magnolia from the mountains of Guatemala; sandalwood from Mysore, India, and more.”

At least you don’t have to spend that much if you want to get a whiff of the First Lady—Creed also produces “Love in White” soaps for a more moderate $33, and as of yesterday, their official online store has opened for business. [Creed Boutique]

Original by Leonora Epstein

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