What Is a Prosthodontist and How One Might Help You

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Prosthodontists are the experts who specialize in the dental field of restoring and replacing teeth. They are the people responsible for giving patients a new smile by replacing their old teeth or resorting, with new. The road towards becoming a Prosthodontist is not an easy one, as they require a further three years of specialized training with the American Dental Association before becoming licensed practitioners. Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental fields that are properly recognized by the American Dental Association.

How a Prosthodontist Can Help You?

Replacing and Restoring Teeth

In the last 10 years, the field of Prosthodontics has massively improved so that patients can regain their confidence back by getting new teeth. Teeth can be lost because of time or because of an accident, but no matter what the reason is a Prosthodontist will give you a new look on life by giving you new teeth. By losing our teeth we lose the ability to smile since some people can feel ashamed and ugly. Simple activities such as going out become harder to do because of the stress and embarrassment that comes with having bad teeth.

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A Prosthodontist can replace or restore your teeth through various pioneering techniques such as crowns, bridges, and dental implants. The last of these techniques has seen massive success over the past decade due to the technological advancements in the dental industry.

Whether you need new teeth or need your old ones to be restored, a Prosthodontist will guide you through the entire process.

Complex Care Management

Since most accidents related to loss of teeth can be traumatic for the patient, Prosthodontist is trained to guide you through the most complex procedures of teeth restoration and traumatic injuries. They are experts in giving patients a new smile through replacing teeth caused by injuries, genetic facial deficits, old age, and more.

Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry

As you might know, having a good smile can be extremely beneficial for your self-esteem. Many Americans are not happy with the look of their smile, so their best bet is to visit a Prosthodontist. Since there have been a lot of technological advancements in the field itself, Prosthodontists are trained to give patients a new look. They are well trained in the art of fixing broken teeth, fixing discolored or misshapen teeth, and fixing dental structures.

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There are many procedures that Prosthodontists are trained to perform in order to give this new look. Some of them are:

  • Placing ceramic crowns or caps onto teeth
  • Placing veneers onto teeth in order to conceal genetic defects
  • Changing the shape of a tooth, or teeth, through the use of bonding technology
  • Bleaching of discolored teeth in order to brighten and whiten a smile

What Are The Benefits Of Visiting A Professional?

Like in any area of partitioning, there are good and expert practitioners. The case is the same with Prosthodontics. Namely, an expert Prosthodontist can perform the following techniques:

  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Complex care management
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Replace lost teeth
  • Restore bad teeth
  • Children born with missing teeth
  • Snoring and sleeping disorders
  • Oral cancer restoration
  • Continuing care and more

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