5 Things You Should Know About Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

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Robotic vacuum cleaner comes out with the idea of reducing human’s effort on cleaning. A normal vacuum cleaner is operated manually when a robotic vacuum cleaner contains both manual and auto mode. It is often termed as robotic and it contains auto mode where cleaner can clean the floor or other stuff by itself.


The first robotic vacuum cleaner was made a long time ago in 1996. Then in 2001 Dyson, a British Technology Company introduced it to the market. It was not so popular at first because of its high range price. After this in 2002 American Technology Company, iRobot launched its first robotic vacuum cleaner. Since then robotic vacuum cleaner went a long way and since it was more affordable, it reached the homes of many people around the world.


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Robotic vacuum cleaners are mostly round shaped, but some models are in different shape. Some are in a disc shape because it has to able to enter under a bed or other furniture. The average size of a robotic vacuum cleaner in diameter is about 50 cm and in height about 10 cm. Every device contains some buttons for controlling them and some modern versions contain a digital display for easy access. It isn’t any different from the regular cleaner as it has a power button, a sensor for sensing the waste, bumper for overcoming the obstacles, handle and a dirt bin where all the waste is deposited for disposal. Both auto and manual mode are included.


The navigation system is the most important part of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Navigation system navigates in which way the cleaner would go. If the navigation system is not functioning properly, then it will reduce the efficiency level and your room will not be as tidy. Modern robotic vacuum cleaners maintain advanced technology for navigation. One of the examples is Dyson 360 eye which is the most expensive device available in the market and it contains a 360-degree camera in the top of the body that controls the movement of the cleaner with the help of a smart micro chipset.

On the other hand, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner use iRobot’s AWARE technology for navigating the way. Companies are now including advance robotics technology for the development of new cleaners to make it as efficient as possible. A navigation system is set by the user for cleaning the room properly. Not to forget that there is a docking station in one of these. When the navigation system is set, then it starts to clean and then after finishing the task it will end up in the docking station. If the battery runs out, then it will go to the docking station for charging. Every device contains a light signal for sensing the material around it such as a wall, furniture, door etc.


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The cleaning process for a robotic vacuum cleaner is operated by the dirt sensor that is programmed inside the body of a cleaner. There are usually two types of dirt sensor. One is for the small particles and other is for the large particles. Those sensors can detect dirt by its diameter and then it can pull it up in the dirt bin by the use of a spinning brush.

Furthermore, they are operated by the battery. It consumes a small amount of electricity. A cleaning process is maintained by a motor which generates suction and the spinning brush of the cleaner pick up the dirt into the suction. This mechanism is the same as a normal vacuum cleaner. A modern robotic vacuum cleaner can estimate the layout of his visit and can back to the start point at where he started his cleaning process. There is a memory inside the motor which stores all the data and serves the information to the microprocessor. It can go through the slope when needs. Almost all the floors are flat and they can work in different types of the floor such as tile, laminate, wood, short hair carpet. Furthermore, they are completely silent.


Price is an important factor and it depends on the technologies which are implemented. There are three categories for the price. The lowest range starts from $10-$20. Vacuum cleaners of this range are capable of removing the minimum amount of dust. Then the price for a mid-range robotic vacuum cleaner is $30-$100. The vacuum cleaner of this range can remove a good amount of dirt. The standard sized unit is most efficient for cleaning the dirt. The price starts from $200 and can be up to the $600. In this price range, you can find a great device that will get a job done. This type of vacuum cleaner contains advanced technology for navigation and cleaning process. They can do a lot of stuff in automatic mode.  Dyson 360 eye, Eufy Robot vacuum RoboVac, Aircraft Vacuum Pilot Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are the available standard size product in the market. Get robotic vacuum cleaner comparison and pricing guides at Vacuum+ist


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Such cleaner is useful for cleaning the dirty room or other stuff, but there are some limitations to it. It is suitable for the short hair carpet floor, but it cannot help you on the long hair carpet floor. In the automatic mode, the device more time than the manual mode. If anyone wants to clean a 60-meter square area then it will take approximately one hour to finish. One of the main limitations to it is that it cannot go through big obstacles. So if a user wants to get a decent cleaning operation for his room, then he has to help the device in some place. A robotic vacuum cleaner is efficient when the floor is clear of wires and other material but it cannot dispose of his dirt from the dirt bin by itself. So a user has to clear the dirt bin after several times.

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