What Is Breast Slapping?


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Let’s say you were a woman who wanted bigger boobs but was opposed to getting them surgically augmented. Your options are to get a Wonder Bra or get over it, right? Well there may be another way: you can get your breasts slapped. Khunying Tobnom, a beautician based in Bangkok claims to know the secret to enhancing the girls … naturally. Using a rhythmic kneading movement to pinch, slap, and squeeze muscle and fat into the breast tissue, she says she can enlarge almost any woman’s breasts. Some women have seen up to a two-inch increase in their bust line. Skeptical? Yeah, me too. But the Thai Health Ministry did a six-month study on the procedure and determined the slapping technique to be legit. Apparently, slapping also works to firm and enhance other parts of the body like the butt and the face. Khunying is planning to pass her sacred knowledge — which she learned from her grandmother — on to 10 lucky pupils who will pay more than a quarter of a million to learn the art of beauty slapping. Hmmm. Maybe I can try this at home. I’m sure I can find a fellow who would be more than happy to help me out. [Oddity Central]


Original by Ami Angelowicz

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