What royal babies eat?

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No matter how old they are, royal children have their own diet, and if you think that they eat special foods, then you are right. From the earliest days of their life, much attention is paid to eating only the healthiest foods, just like their parents and other members of the royal family eat. However, nutrition is a very important part of everyday life, because it is something that will enable them to be healthy and grow up as healthy kids.

It is known that the royal family has a whole team of cooks who make food in a special way that is in accordance with royal rules and protocols. We have come up with some information that tells us what foods, the youngest royals eat every day and which will be part of their diet until they grow enough to be able to eat the same food as other older royals. Well, let’s find out.


Of course, no baby can grow properly without breastmilk, which is very important for health. Before the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, all babies were fed by wet nurses. However, the first to break this rule was Her Royal Highness when Prince Charles was a baby. After her, Princess Diana, who nursed her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, also did the same. Of course, Kate Middleton has applied the same, and it is expected that this will be the case with Meghan Markle when she gets a baby.

The mothers have strict diets too

Since the breastmilk has very positive effects on the baby’s health and is a basic food in the first months of his or her life, it is logical that the mother must take care of her diet to make sure that her baby has the best quality food. Foods such as spices, alcohol (logically) and garlic are strictly forbidden.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

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After several months, babies are able to eat some foods that are meant for their age. These include a variety of pureed fruits and vegetables that are, of course, grown in the royal garden. Darren McGrady, who once worked in the royal family service, told TODAY.com that the first meals for Prince Harry and Prince William were made of pureed pears and apples.

Pureed meat

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As the case with fruit and vegetables, when the babies reach a certain age, different types of meat are introduced into their diet. Also, these foods are most often produced on royal farms and of course they are of organic origin.

They stay away from packaged foods

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As we have said, a large number of chefs prepare healthy meals for all members of the royal family daily and have all the necessary ingredients produced under strict control. For this reason, there is simply no need for packaged foods. However, it is well known that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, fed her grandchildren, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children with packaged foods.

When they grow up, the young royal starts to eat food similar to that one, for example, their parents eat, and which is, of course, prepared according to royal rules. For example, it is known that olives are favorite for Princess Charlotte, while her brother, George loves cheesy pasta. We are eager to find out what food will be favorite for Prince Louis and his future cousin when royals welcome a new baby.

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