What Your Favorite “Golden Girl” Says About You

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With the death of Rue McClanahan and the recent rise to superstardom of Betty White, I’ve had a whole lot of “Golden Girls” on the brain. I can’t believe Betty is the last friend standing. In honor of the ladies of 6151 Richmond Street, I plan to curl up with Rue’s memoir and eat some cheesecake this weekend. We learned so much from the girls—about friendship, love, and even about ourselves. After the jump, what your favorite “Golden Girl” says about you.

What Your Favorite “Golden Girl” Says About You
Dorothy Zbornak: You’re a strong, grounded lady who can be intimidating at times. You give great advice and command the attention of your friends and loved ones, to whom you are extremely loyal. You have wit and wisdom. You usually know exactly what you want and how you feel and don’t hesitate to say it … except when it comes to love. You have a tendency to fall for “yutzs.” But this is just an extension of your bleeding-heart desire to help people.
Rose Nylund: Your glass is always half-full, no matter what. Your relentless optimism and purity can sometimes border on naiveté, but you’re always there to lend an ear or a helping hand without judgment. Sometimes your friends and loved ones can accuse you of being clueless or a pushover, but you’re no idiot — you just want to make others happy. When it comes to love, you are a one-guy type of gal.
Blanche Devereaux: You are always the belle of the ball and the life of the party. You take life as it comes, which makes you a blast to be around, but you can also come off as flaky, selfish, or vain to friends and loved ones. But who cares when you look as good as you do? You’re always available to give fashion consultations or sex advice. Let’s face it, you’re a man-eater. You don’t hesitate to date just about anyone and everyone, but it usually doesn’t last for long.
Sophia Petrillo: You don’t suffer fools gladly. You’re not mean or judgmental per se, just brutally honest and unwilling to apologize for sharing your opinions. Your friends and loved ones count on you to tell them the truth, so they seek you out for advice, but often wish you’d know when to shut up. When those close to you finally crack your prickly exterior, they will find a heart of gold underneath.


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