Where to find a new partner if you’re a single mom?

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Today, more than 13 million people in the US raise their children in an incomplete family.  That is why seeing single moms isn’t something new. Many of them are alone because they cannot find time to go on a date, while others just don’t try hard enough to meet someone. Indeed, finding love as a single mom is not an easy task, but it surely is possible. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Think if you really want this

Usually, those who fail to improve their personal life don’t understand that nobody can really help them until they want to help themselves. Whenever single moms complain that they cannot find a partner, I ask them if they are actually ready for this big change in their life. And I want them to be honest because oftentimes, women undermine their own happiness simply because they are not yet mentally prepared to bring a guy into their family again.

It’s very important to understand yourself because if you are hesitant, you won’t get very far. A lot more job has to be done before you will be able to open your heart for real. But once you overcome your fears, I can guarantee that you won’t stay single for long.

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It’s like in that old saying; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Therefore, you need to be 100% sure that you’ll do what it takes to change your status, while our pieces of advice will only serve you as guidelines. So where to find the right guy and how to get his attention? Let’s dive in!


We start our dating for a single mom relationship advice list with the gym. Everybody knows how important it is to stay fit. However, many fail to realize that apart from training your muscles, regular workouts train your mental health, too. That’s right, a good exercise will remove all the stress and improve your mood. Go to the gym and get those muscles to burn. Besides, it’s a pretty good place to meet new people, so while you’re at it, get rid of those headphones and start talking to others.


If going to the gym isn’t your thing, why not to try something like going to the theatre? There are many single men who enjoy going to such places. You’d be surprised at how many women met their future husband there. It’s perhaps the best single mom dating spot you can find. You’ll get to wear that fancy dress you haven’t worn for ages, you’ll definitely want to put some makeup on, and you’ll surely want to rock those high heels. Now that you look like a celebrity, what’s holding you back from meeting new people? That’s right, nothing!

Dating Sites

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Okay, so the gym isn’t your thing and the theatre makes you wanna sleep. Why not try dating sites then? You don’t have to leave the house at all, whereas your chances of meeting someone become even higher. Plus you’ll definitely won’t get bored setting up your profile and checking out others. There are many good websites to choose from. The most popular online dating places like DoULike have a huge base of proven users and a plethora of search options. They also have a very sleek design, and despite many misconceptions, they are generally very safe to use.

School Events

This one has been the most underestimated pieces of advice when it comes to single mom dating. School events are great as they allow you to spend time with your child, help you meet new people, and you increase your chances to create a positive image of yourself in the eyes of other (possibly single) parents.  It’s a win-win situation for everybody and a pretty serious opportunity to actually find someone. Give it a shot, it’s totally worth it!


This might seem like an odd choice but nope, it’s actually the exact opposite. Ask your married friends where they had met and someone will definitely answer “At work!”. Busy men that spend most of the days doing work don’t mind dating a single mom because they probably have a very similar schedule with not a lot of free time, too. Besides, if you fancy someone from your workplace, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other,  which is always a good thing.

Single Parent Support Group

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While many men understand that dating a single mom can be hard, there are those who actually seek such women. Check your local newspaper or community bulletin boards for single parent support groups. Such groups will help you deal with the struggles of being a single mom and you might actually meet someone there. If your location doesn’t have a parent support group, well, it’s prime time you establish one from scratch. This will definitely attract the right attention, and you’ll find a nice guy in no time.

Introduce your Kid/s Only to the Right Person

Speaking of the attention, once you find the right guy, we advise you to be careful and don’t rush. It’s super important that your kid and your new boyfriend like each other because if they don’t, things just won’t work out. That being said, you can’t introduce your kid to every guy you’ll go on a date with because it’s a very traumatic experience for a child. So before making any presentations, be sure that the man in question likes children and that he is ready to become a good friend/father to your child in particular.

Just do it!

Dating for a single mom is often viewed as impossible but you have to remember that this is a common misconception man have made up for themselves. Your mission is to prove them wrong and amaze them with your charm at the same time. If there’s something holding you back from dating, just know that this is your excuse. Make good use of every bit of information, schedule your time, and act on your goal because nothing good waits for those who snooze.

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