Where to Find Drawing Inspiration & Why You Need It

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There are times when you will experience a lack of inspiration in your artistic life. You will want to get things drawn, but you will suddenly feel less excitement with what you are about to draw. You will feel very sober or even solemn. The feeling is like losing your appetite. You crave to draw, but you just don’t know how to start.

Loss of drawing inspiration most times leaves you insatiable. Of course, this is very normal as it is a common artistic block. As an artist, lack of inspiration is one of the most daunting experience ever.  If you ever get puzzled wondering what to draw, here are a few ways to get around your art block.

Find drawing inspiration again!

It’s time to get back to those boards, sketch endlessly and play with colors even more. This simple suggestion below will kick back your drawing inspirations.

Get Your Drawing Inspiration from Famous Artists

Img source: wisetoast.com

Surf the net for famous image paintings and drawings of various artist. Study some of their classic paintings and drawings, then try to recreate them with your own flair. This is a very profound way to get inspired. Check out http://www.thingstodraw.info for inspirations.

Read A Poem or Story And Draw A Scene Or Landscape

Get involved with a poem or story that portrays any landscape that comes alive in your imagination. Be sure that it will look great, then sketch or paint the landscape.

Play Your Best Video Game and Draw the most Fascinating

Pick your favorite video game and draw something from it. You can draw a castle, landscape, dragons and other characters of your choice.

Study Your Surrounding Environment

Take a tour round your neighborhood, study your environment. Look out for any unusual thing or interesting happenings outdoors. You can as well focus your attention on nature, the buildings, vehicles and people.

Sketch You Pet Or Teddy

Img source: YouTube

Most times drawing a picture of your pet or teddy can boost your desires for drawing. This is simply because when you try to sketch your pet, you do this with so much love. Hence, you soon forget your lack of desires to draw.

Think Out Something Unique

Be very imaginative, think out of the box and go abstract. Pick a random letter from the alphabet, and draw something classic that begins with the letter you picked. You can as well observe your desk and draw whatever is in front of you. You can also go abstract by picking up any storybook, open it randomly and draw the series of events on the first page you opened. You should get pictures of your last vacation and draw them.

How To Get This inspiration?

After finding your writing inspiration, all you need do is to apply them at once. Keep your pencils and brushes bouncing by sketching out ideas you have gathered from the guide above.

Ensure to Play with those colors, sketch and join lines together, and have fun drawing unlimitedly. Don’t wait till your loss your drawing appetite, apply these suggestions to your everyday drawing routine and you will get inspired always. Once you start drawing, it gets even easier.

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