The Difference between Wedding Destination and Honeymoon Destination

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Planning to tie the knot anytime soon? Walking down the aisle with a lovely bunch of flowers must be every woman’s dream. From our favourite fairytale stories that inspire happy-ever-after, getting married is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences that could ever happen in a woman’s life.

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However, planning your dream wedding takes so much effort and a pretty good budget. Nuptials tend to be very expensive especially when you are rooting for a specific wedding theme and got a long list of guests and invitees. This is one of the reasons why couples must need not only be spiritually and emotionally ready but as well as financially capable and secured before tying the knot. Prior to living life as a legal husband and wife under one roof, wedding might already took a big portion of your savings. From contemplating the perfect menu to offer your pool of guests, to deciding on the most fabulous destination for your wedding and honeymoon, wedding planning is both a thrilling and uphill task for every soon-to-be husband and wife. You are lucky when you are able to hire a professional wedding coordinator to be the overall in charge of your event although you still would prefer to pay close to every single detail of the wedding planning. We want our special day to be the exact picture that is in our mind, don’t we? Exquisite long bridal gown, picturesque flower arrangement, and a beautiful entourage of the most significant people in your life as a couple…

Since a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, you ought to be very careful in the prenup stage. Otherwise, you are spending your money the wrong way and getting it into waste while not being able to achieve the ideal wedding you have been dreaming your whole life. One thing you need to be very mindful of is choosing your wedding reception and honeymoon location. Although the two is undoubtedly related, you must never confuse its meaning.

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Wedding destination refers to the place where you plan to hold your wedding ceremony or where your union as a couple takes place. On the other hand, honeymoon destination refers to the location where you prefer to spend the holiday as newlyweds and celebrate your marriage. Although having the same venue for the wedding and honeymoon might sound convenient, this must not be possible if you wanted your wedding to be something more memorable. Both of you must have been overtaxed from all the wedding engagement in the past months and it must be a good thing to do the honeymoon sometime later rather than days after the wedding.

Wedding destination and honeymoon destination are both a personal choice of the couple. The wedding location just comes out more costly with the inclusions of all other expenses – resort fees, hotel accommodation for both the couple and guests, buffet, set up etc. It even becomes more expensive when you have booked the entire resort exclusively for just the family members and invitees. This makes your wedding more intimate. Some prefer to get married at the church and just proceed to a private resort or hotel for the wedding reception. While others who dream of a more whimsical celebration opt for a beach wedding. If you prefer the latter, then you might consider a beach wedding at Melia Nassau in the Caribbean Islands. The resort sits along the 1,000 foot stretch of the pristine Cable Beach. It offers a family-friendly ambiance where a couple can celebrate their union with the most significant persons in their life. You can choose to hold the ceremony at the beach, patio, or terrace where each can fully accommodate 150 guests.


After the wedding, comes the honeymoon. This is the much-deserved vacation of a couple after officially tying the knot. This could be a place where you first met or one of your dream destinations listed on your bucket list. Unlike the wedding destination, you won’t have to book the entire place or resort so this comes even cheaper. Although the cost would still likely to depend on your chosen honeymoon location. If you are spending your holiday as newlyweds abroad, then expect a bigger expense. Usually, some couples take their honeymoon trips right after their wedding. This might be a good idea but not much advisable. Surely, the planning has sapped both your energy and it might help to postpone the honeymoon a little later, say three or six months after your union.  This allows you to fully recover from the demanding wedding engagement you’ve had. If you are the type of couple who enjoys the sun and loves going to the beach, you might want to visit a honeymoon resort at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in Mexico. It got a breathtaking and relaxing view of the ocean which would invite you to go for a walk while the sun sets. It also offers high-end guest rooms and spa as well as an extensive pool that just make a perfect honeymoon getaway.


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