8 Things You Should Know About Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband

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When we heard the very sad news that Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her apartment, we were a little curious how Blake Fielder-Civil—Winehouse’s ex-husband who she had called the love of her life—would respond.

Apparently, he has been in jail, serving two years for stealing to get money to buy drugs. Now, Fielder-Civil is on suicide watch at Leeds’ Armley Jail. The incarcerated drug addict reportedly collapsed sobbing when he was informed by prison guards that Winehouse had died. He told the UK’s The Sun newspaper, “I’m beyond inconsolable … my tears won’t dry.” He continued, I will never ever again feel the love I felt for her. Everybody who knew me and knew Amy knew the depth of our love. I can’t believe she’s dead.”

The ill-fated couple was only married for two years but were involved for much longer; one of their early breakups inspired her album Back To Black. So, who is this man, Blake Fielder-Civil, whom Amy Winehouse called the love of her life?

  1. Blake Fielder-Civil and Amy Winehouse met at a bar in Camden in 2005. Although he was in a relationship at the time, within a month, Winehouse had tattooed “Blake” on her neck. She blew off an interview with Rolling Stone to marry him in Miami in 2007 with only a court clerk to officiate. Although he worked as a music video runner, he followed her on tour.

  2. Fielder-Civil is responsible for introducing Winehouse to hard drugs, according to the Daily Mail. He confirmed this to the News of the World in 2008. “I made the biggest mistake of my life by taking heroin in front of her,” he said. “I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine, and self-harming. I feel more than guilty.” That same year, he also allegedly sold nude photos of Winehouse for heroin.

  3. This couple loved tattoos. Winehouse has Fielder-Civil’s name tattooed over her heart, while he has her name tattooed behind his ear. The couple was no stranger to jewelry either, both rocked a ton of accessories. By the way, if you’re looking for an item with rock vibes, take a look at Rockerring.

  4. Many of Winehouse’s best songs from her 2006 album Back To Black are about her tumultuous relationship with Fielder-Civil, including “You Know I’m No Good” and “Back To Black.” She told Rolling Stone in 2007: “All the songs are about the state of my relationship at the time with Blake. I had never felt the way I feel about him about anyone in my life. It was very cathartic, because I felt terrible about the way we treated each other. I thought we’d never see each other again. He laughs about it now. He’s like, ‘What do you mean, you thought we’d never see each other again? We love each other. We’ve always loved each other.’ But I don’t think it’s funny. I wanted to die.”

  5. The couple divorced in 2009 after being pressured by both sets of parents to break up. Fielder-Civil’s mom, Georgette Civil, told the Sun, “I put pressure on Blake to divorce Amy, but they should have stayed together. If you see pictures of them while they were married, and again after they divorced, the sparkle is gone from both of them.” They briefly rekindled their romance after Fielder-Civil did time in rehab, but it didn’t last.

  6. Winehouse’s recent breakup from Reg Traviss allegedly went down when he caught her on the phone with Fielder-Civil in prison, the UK’s Mirror reports.

  7. After breaking up with Winehouse, Fielder-Civil allegedly dated a teenage pre-op transexual who worked as an Amy Winehouse impersonator. His current girlfriend is Sarah Aspin and the two have newborn son, Jack. Aspin told the Sun this weekend, “I saw him and Amy together and I know they were really in love and they were soulmates. She always loved him and he always loved her—but it was just never going to work. Basically they couldn’t live with each other and they could not live without each other. It is hard for me knowing he still loved her, but I do understand his feelings.”

  8. When Winehouse and Fielder-Civil divorced, he received no settlement. We’ll have to wait and see if Winehouse had a will and whether he stands to inherit her fortune. The Mirror believes she may have left her inheritance to an animal shelter for cats. Which, let’s be honest, is awesome.

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