Why are arcade games having such a comeback?

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If you look closely at the gaming world, right now there are more and more interesting game types that you can find out there. But for some reason, arcade games are making a huge comeback. Titles like Zelda, Mario, PacMan, and many others are super popular even today. And the old school favorites like Ducktales or Donkey Kong have remakes.

However, a lot of people play the original games just as much. You can find many emulators and ROMs online, not to mention that you can play a game like PacMan online for free just as much. The idea is simple, people love those old times when they played these games and want to relive those cherished memories.

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Before arcade games, there were electro-magnetical games and mechanical games. Pinball is a classic mechanical game and periscope game is considered one of the first electro-magnetical games. It just feels and sounds better when you have a mechanical or semi-mechanical machine in front of you and the interaction is just more real. We can testify today that gamers ask for more interaction and a better experience. First, we had joysticks with vibration and today we have a full 3D game experience by using devices like oculus rift or Microsoft holo lens.
And arcade games kept those raw 8-bit sounds and graphics which definitely awakens our senses.

In many ways, these games remind them of their childhood. And many of these games still hold up today. That’s especially true for the 16-bit games, there are many of those created even today. So it makes a lot of sense for people to come back to something they are very fond of. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do, but it’s certainly a rewarding one, and everyone will enjoy it all the same.

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Plus, these arcade games were very simple. In a gaming world where everything is so complicated and with a lost of menus, arcade games bring that fresh air you need. You just have a few controls and that’s it. You are always in control and you need to pick when and how to press a button more often than not. It’s a lot easier for kids to get used to that kind of games, and then they go to the newer ones.

PacMan and Tetris, as well as many other titles, were an entry point for most of us. And that’s why we love to go back to games like this. And playing PacMan online is a wonderful way to relive those memories. Plus, even if you play via an emulator you still have that perfect gameplay and fluidity. There are no delays or demanding system requirements.

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In the end, arcade games are back in style because they are fun, unique and sentimental for a lot of people. Thanks to emulators and various HTML5 versions we now get to play cool titles like PacMan, Mario, and many others once again!

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  1. Avatar Jack says:

    Ah, pacman – that takes me back. Only to be beaten by the awesome space invaders!

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