Why do you need the best appeal lawyers?

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Before taking a look at why you would need the best appeal prosecutors, let’s first learn what do appeal lawyers do and what are appeals.

What is an appeal and what do appeal lawyers do?

An appeal is a formal request for the higher court to review the decision made by the lower court. The appeals court will review the record that was made previously. New evidence or facts cannot be added to the records of the case. It is typically handled by an attorney who is experienced and skilled at writing and research. The lawyer will present the facts to the appeal court and they will decide whether to affirm or reverse the previous decision that was made.

An appeal lawyer is an attorney that will handle the cases on appeal when a party loses the case, or when they are unhappy with the decision made by the lower court. When an appeal lawyer represents you, they will tell the court why the lower court might have made some errors and why the verdict should be reversed.

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So, it happened again. You went through months or years of litigation, your representative presented your case to the court, and you lose the trial. For people in all types of civil cases, having the jury or judge rule against you is an overwhelming experience, especially if you were expecting a good outcome. However, what if you believe that the outcome was unjust? This will mean that you will most likely be filing an appeal. And you might ask yourself, should you stick with your trial attorney? Or should you hire an appeal lawyer that might help you during the process?

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring an appeal lawyer:

  1. Appeals are not like trials – appeals will involve different procedures, and they will require a different skillset. At usual trials, you are collecting evidence, building a record, and questioning witnesses, and during an appeal, you are arguing that the lower court made errors during the initial trial process and are seeking a second chance at a verdict.
  2. Most trial representatives do not handle appeals – since trials and appeals are different things, most lawyers focus on trial or appeal practices. You will probably be better off if you seek an experienced appellate lawyer.
  3. Your appeal might involve questioning your trial representation – during the appeal, you will be looking at the errors that occurred during the initial trial. This might include errors that were committed by your previous attorney. Even if they are willing to admit that they made a mistake, your trial lawyer will not be able to represent you in arguing that his/her mistakes justify that the higher court should reversal of the verdict or a retrial.

One thing that you should know is that appeals can be expensive. For example, the Brownstone law appeal lawyers and their law firm offer and provide customers with a flat fee. Hence, you will be charged an amount that does not change.


Hiring an appeal lawyer will help you with any appeal trials that you might have.

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