Why Home Cooked Meals Are the Perfect First Date

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Where to take a first date is a difficult decision for most men. Certainly, if the man doesn’t know their potential suitor very well, then a public venue is going to be the best idea. This way, if the meeting isn’t going swimmingly, either person can end the date without any complications. However, when the two lovebirds already know each other as friends for a period of time first, then there’s a built-in trust. Then enjoying a home cooked meal as a first date is a perfect choice.

Here are some reasons why a home cooked meal makes for an ideal first date.

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Being Able to Cook Is Instantly Attractive

Seeing you preparing a romantic dinner is a side of someone that date doesn’t often see for a while. You might bring out the best walnut cutting boards, copper-bottomed saucepans and put on a bit of a show. This is great if you’re a man who has taught himself how to cook a few select dishes extremely well. It’s difficult for a date not to be impressed at that point; no boasting required.

It’s a good idea to talk over with your date what their favourite foods are, to avoid making choices they cannot eat. Maybe they’re vegan or don’t eat lamb; the best thing to do is check with them so that your planned menu is suitable for their tastes too.  And don’t forget dessert.

Control the Setting

When picking a bar, a restaurant or another venue to meet someone possibly for the first time in a romantic setting, there are many unknowns. If it’s a restaurant, you could get inattentive service, or the food might be barely edible. Given that restaurants are often themed around one type of cuisine, it’s also necessary to pick something both people will enjoy consuming, which is not always easy!

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Regardless of whether you’re in a restaurant, a bar or somewhere else in public, it’s possible that there will be a rowdy crowd. Another couple arguing in a restaurant can spoil the mood; a dispute arising in a bar isn’t much better either and could end the night prematurely too. However, when entertaining at home, there are no such concerns.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Along with controlling the setting, cooking at home means you can create a cozy atmosphere for just the two of you. Some mood lighting, a clean, uncluttered home and seeing you in your element can make a date feel more comfortable.

Unlike with a crowded meeting spot, you won’t have nerves to contend with. Instead, you can just be real and honest when you’re at home. This type of honesty comes across superbly and is likely to be received in kind. The mutual sharing and opening up create an early bond through shared honesty that’s difficult to achieve in other ways.

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Cards on the Table

When cooking a meal and having the first date at home, it’s clear to your date that you’re single. There’s no worrying whether you took off a wedding band before the meeting. In this age of internet dating and people not being completely forthcoming, this is very reassuring. Especially, if by the end of the date, they decide that they like you enough to want a second date in the future.

When it’s agreeable to both of you, then the first date with a home cooked meal is a real winner. Just make sure to set things up right so that you don’t serve steak to a vegan! Put a little effort in, and it could be your best first date ever.

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