5 Top Tips To Upgrade Your RV On A Budget

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So you’ve got an RV, you’ve had it for a few years and maybe it’s time for a trade-in, why not get a nice shiny new camper? Well why wouldn’t that be attractive, everyone likes something new but have you given any thought to upgrading and renovating your current one? It’s a lot less costly, and the results can be amazing, so let’s take a look at some of the options available to us.

1. Outside Appearance & Paint Job.

You can make an old RV look fantastic and if you want to make it cool and unique that’s possible or even just refreshed and newer with a new paint job. It’s something that without a doubt will make the vehicle look better and even increase value. It’s really expensive to have done at a shop but if done at home can be a lot cheaper, check out this quick guide to respray your RV.

2. Functionality

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There are so many ways you can upgrade some of the practical aspects of your RV from looking to upgrade your RV AC unit, essential in the scorching summer months. Or why not get a new Entertainment System, or even your cooking facilities, all of these will give you an updated or more modern feel to your RV.

3. Windows

If you have an older vehicle why not think about getting some tints on your windows? It’s really easy to do this yourself at home and with great results, it’s going to make the vehicle look so much more up to date and modern but also give you a greater deal of privacy in your vehicle.

4. Lighting

What sets the mood inside your RV more than anything else? Just like in a home it’s the lighting and can really make or break the atmosphere inside your holiday home as that’s where a large amount of your leisure time will be spent and if set up correctly you could have no issues entertaining new friends and neighbors in your RV.

5. Heating System

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If you use your RV in the winter, you’ll need to prepare and the big enemies are all water-related being frozen pipes and damp and mold! You want to ensure that there is no chance of your pipes freezing and bursting, this could be deadly in the real winter months and also you want to avoid, damp, condensation and mold so correct ventilation is also key. Another concern is to keep on top of these things when the RV is not in use so please make sure there is no water in the system, avoiding burst pipes and that the RV is dried out and ventilated when being stored between uses.

We can see from the above tips that it’s possible to increase the quality, luxury and value of an old RV greatly, you can see some people even get their RV to a stage where they live in it full time now that’s a bit extreme for most but it at least shows the potential.

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