Will Prince Harry be Absent from Royal Duties After the Baby is Born?

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The whole of the United Kingdom is overexcited these days. It was announced that Meghan Markle will give birth to a new member of the Royal Family and that her due date is in early spring. That means that we are only weeks away from that date. When they are not busy will their royal duties, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing themselves to become parents for the first time in their life.

Will Prince Harry take paternity leave after the baby Sussex is born? That is what we will investigate in this article. If we take a look at the tradition of the Royal Family, only mothers are allowed to take paternity leave. This is also the case in the normal world. Some companies started to move away from the traditional maternity leave and stated that the father should be offered with paternity leave.

What Do We Know About Paternity Leave in The United Kingdom?

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According to the online media, in the United Kingdom, fathers can choose to use the paternity leave under some conditions. It can be used for one or two weeks of paid time, during the first two months after the baby is born. In 2014, the policy about paternity leave gave one more option to the parents. The parents could use between two and twenty-six weeks off. Only 10% of dads are using the option.

What Do We Know About Paternity Leave Outside the United Kingdom?

In 1974, Sweden was the first country in the world that gave to option of paternal leave, regardless of the gender of the parent. In 2002, Sweden changed the option of two months of paternity leave to three months of paternity leave. Most of the males in Sweden are taking three months off after the baby is born. In the United States, there are not any policies about parental leave.

Did Prince William Choose to Take Paternity Leave?

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Prince William took an absence from his job after his first child, Prince George, was born in 2013. He was working as an air ambulance pilot at that time. Kate Middleton took a six months absence from royal duties after she gave birth to Prince George. Both he and Kate Middleton spent their time together at Anmer Hall, their home which is located Norfolk.

They did the same thing after Prince Charlotte was born in 2015. After Prince Louis was born, in 2018, Prince William didn`t take any time off. He was seen at all the royal events just a few days after Prince Louis was born. He chooses to continue working on his royal duties along with his father, brother, and other family members.

Will Prince Harry Choose to Take Paternity Leave?

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If we can judge from the practices that were done by Prince William, we are pretty sure that Prince Harry will take paternity leave. However, Meghan Markle will probably take a little longer absence from royal duties. Most likely, for some time, they will take a together time off, so they can enjoy their newborn baby in a surrounding as private as possible.

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