Will You Be Sending A Hottie Gram This V-Day?

Wendy Stokesby:


If I actually had a special someone this V-day, I imagine that if I had to send some sort of card, I would go with an e-card. Maybe something ridonkulous like Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” or something appropriately cynical like this e-card. But would I send my guy a naked chick? Not so much. Well, Playboy thinks we ladies will be falling all over ourselves to send nakey e-cards featuring their bunnies. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they’ve launched their new line of “Hottie Grams.” Ugh.So how does this Hottie Gram thingy work? You choose your fave hottie (aka Playboy centerfold) and enter your boyfriend’s name (or choose from a list of nicknames) to deliver a suggestive, customized, nakey message for any occasion. Just to be fair, I decided to take the Hottie Gram site for a test drive. I chose Miss December to relay Valentine’s Day wishes to my imaginary guy, “Big Douchebag.” Here’s what happened:

Miss December scantily clad on a bed (above) says, “Hey Big Douchebag! You’re such a great guy! You’ve already sent the gift and made the reservations, so I’ve been sent by your Valentine to say, ‘Thanks in advance.” Then she shimmies her top off, shows her bubbies, and lays in a bed topless and coos, “You are sooo getting some tonight.” OK, I have to say (begrudgingly) that these Hottie Grams are pretty funny, but oh-so-inappropriate for Valentine’s Day. The good news is it would probably be a great way to wish your special guy a happy Tax Day. [Hottie Gram]

Original by Ami Angelowicz


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