Yes, It’s True: There Are Different Types of Orgasms

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If you second-guessed how amazing the female body is, you better get your life. A woman’s body can do the most, including damn near erupting like a human volcano when having an orgasm.

K, let’s cut to the chase: There are way more orgasms than just basic ass vaginal and clitoral. From touching feet to stimulating nipples, here are more ways to experience deep, intense ecstasy.


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Biology says that women aren’t able to orgasm solely from anal penetration. But that doesn’t mean there are no orgasms. Anal sex is such the turn-on that it helps create deep, intense orgasms. These are often called “full-body” orgasms, and WHO DOESN’T WANT A FULL-BODY O?!



I’m pretty sure that most of us, if not all, have experienced this one. It’s actually my fave, thanks to Jimmy Jane’s Form 2. It’s the simplest orgasm to have, according to biology. It doesn’t take much to stimulate your clitoris—it has countless nerve endings. Whether it’s from your favorite vibrator or the hands of your lover, the clit is it.


This one is straddling the pleasure and pain fence. If you press against it, it can feel so good, but if you press too hard, it can be über painful.


I’m just gonna say it: EW; Sorry, feet are not my fetish of choice. But for those of you who are down with it, pressing on your feet can stimulate areas of your body which then can intensify your orgasms.


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During penetration, the G-Spot is a little harder to get to. But when it’s hit, oh boy! It’s usually easier if your guy’s junk is curved. But if it isn’t, no worries. Every woman’s body is different so it’s possible that he’s able to reach your spot. Because it’s located on the front wall of the vagina, it can be properly stimulated when using a ‘come hither’ motion—with a finger.


Nipple stimulation can play a huge part in intensifying sex. Stimulated nipples properly can bring on an intense orgasm.

Happy orgasming!

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