You, Too, Can Have A Portrait Of Donald Trump Painted With Boobs

Wendy Stokesby:


Artist Aimee Davison likes to paint boobs… with her boobs. The boob she chose to paint with her boobs this week is Donald Trump. Are you confused? Don’t be. It’s all very simple.

Davison applies paint to her breasts, which she uses as a brush by squeezing them to get the right “brush” shape. And, if you ask me, she does a pretty darn good job of painting notorious boob Donald Trump — I would have added his signature eye-and-mouth pallor, personally, but I’m not the one taking on the challenge of applying paint to canvas with my breasts, so no judgment.

Davison is auctioning off her glorious canvas — right now it’s at the low, low price of $200 — and donating half of the proceeds to a breast cancer charity. As she says, it’s probably “the best outcome of a Donald Trump presidential race.”

[Daily Dot]


Original by Rebecca Vipond Brink

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