14 Kinds Of Cats You Maybe Didn’t Know Existed

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As a verifiable crazy cat lady, I decided I’d delve into the world of weird cat breeds, just because. Do I need a better reason? I don’t think so. Here are 14 breeds of cat you’ve probably never encountered.

American Curl Cat

Source: The Happy Cat Site

Just check out there ears – it’s what they’re named for.

American Wirehair Cat

Source: The Happy Cat Site

This is a rare type of cat with a wiry, curly coat. There are apparently less than 30 registered of this breed. That’s a special cat.

Birman Cat

Source: Mental Floss

Birman cats are a mixture of Siamese and Persian cat. Supposedly they were found at a temple in Burma named Lao Tsun and then taken to England where they were bred. But nobody’s really sure. Anyway! Don’t they have pretty eyes?

Cornish Rex

Source: SimpleSite.com

Where most cats have three types of hair in their coats, Cornish Rex cats only have one – a fine downy coat that makes them kind of sphynx-like and weird. They originated in Cornwall, England, and are known as the “greyhound” of cats because of their lean frames.

Egyptian Mau Cats

Source: The Happy Cat Site

These cats possess naturally spotted skin under their spotty fur.

Kurilian Bobtail

Source: Wikipedia

This breed originates in the Kuril Islands, which are situated off the coasts of both Japan and Russia.

La Perm

Source: YouTube

I’m naming my band La Perm – I mean, this breed gets its name from the curly, curly hair it has.

Manx Cat

Source: Catpedia

The Manx originated in the Isle of Man, off the coast of England. They’re distinguished by their totally non-existent tails, which have a couple of funny stories associated with them. One says One says the Manx tail was caught in the door when Noah was filling the ark. The other says that Manx mothers bit the tails off their children to prevent invading Scandinavians from grabbing their tails.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Source: Mental Floss

Norwegian forest cats are from Norway (duh) and have expressive, large faces.

Pixie Bob Cat

Source: The Happy Cat Site

The Pixie Bob legend says that these cats were created when a bob cat mated with a house cat. Either way, they’re distinguished by their tiny little tail stubs.

Munchkin Cat

Source: Cats

Munchkins are bred to have ridiculously short legs.

Snowshoe Cat

Source: Petfinder

Snowshoe cats are known for their unusual face and paw markings.

Singapura Cat

Source: Elelur.com

Originally from Singapore, the singapura is noted for its large eyes and ears, brown ticked coat and blunt tail.

The Highlander Cat

Source: Wikiwand

Nope, the Highlander Cat isn’t related to Sean Connery (old person joke!) Highlander cats are a relatively new breed (introduced in 2005) that are known for their dog-like personalities and big-boned awesomeness. Males typically weigh 20+ pounds.

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