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Wendy Stokesby:


Keeping an active lifestyle whilst maintaining the plethora of responsibilities that come flying your way every day can be a challenging task. There’s often little enthusiasm to go and ‘hit the gym’ when you’ve just sat down after a day of getting the kids to school, a full day’s work, picking the kids back up from school and making dinner for them. With so much going on and so little time in the day, there’s no wonder so many of us find it difficult to fit in a little me time, let alone some time to keep active!

This is why so many of us take up the sport; it keeps an active lifestyle in a manner that’s fun and social. Many sports often have strong community support which allows us to enjoy some time for ourselves with the knowledge that our kids are safe and engaged.

One of the most popular sports in the world for working parents is tennis. It’s a challenging game both physically and mentally, provides a magnitude of social benefits, serves as a great opportunity to make the influential connection and offers options for children as well. Tennis is a sport that teaches coordination, gets you out in the sunshine and helps keep you fit; but as with all sports, there are of course some downsides.

Anyone who has ever had a tennis lesson will know that as fun as it is whacking tennis balls left right and centre, you will eventually have to pick up the tennis balls.

The average tennis lesson sees players hit 600 tennis balls an hour! That’s a lot of tennis balls! Bending down to pick each one up by hand can not only be a bore but also serve as the potential strain on your back. Why chose to take up a sport in your precious time to keep up an active lifestyle just to put your back in jeopardy of stress!?

The good news is, there’s a new product out on the market that can solve this issue, providing a fun and affordable alternative to collecting tennis balls. It’s also a pretty cool looking device! Check out the tennis ball picker upper below!

When picturing a tennis lesson, most of us would happily daydream about a hot sunny court in a Mediterranean country such as Portugal or Spain, but this is often not the case. The Kollectaball tennis ball collector makes picking up tennis balls a breeze in any weather; it will collect 60 tennis balls in seconds and empty the contents into a larger container within 12 seconds.

No matter the surface, clay court, grass court, cement or acrylic, the Kollectaball K-MAX glides over the tennis ball, and it’s unique, wire cage with flexible wires, open to allow the ball into the cage and then close to envelope the ball and trap it inside.

Former GB Davis Cup player, and co-found David Ireland says, “It’s a little like using a hoover to clean your carpet but easier! I’ve been using the Kollectaball for three years now, and I wouldn’t dream of coaching without it now.”

“I’ve had a lot of back issues in the past, and part of that is from side bending to feed tennis balls and bending down to pick up tennis balls. Better yet, my students absolutely love it! I have one student who I swear just comes for a bit of a chat and to use the Kollectaball!” There are other tennis ball pickers out in the market that make collecting tennis balls easier, but they are often very expensive. The best tennis ball collectors available use a big roller system with extended arms to capture the balls.

With some tennis ball collectors fetching up to $400.00, the Kollectaball sits at a very reasonable $90.00. It is also very lightweight making it easily transportable. So, if you’re thinking of taking up a sport to keep an active lifestyle, think about picking up a racket and joining your local club!

If you’re already a member of a local club or lucky enough to have your own tennis club, share this article with them to show them the cool new toy they need to try out!

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