30 Unapproved Names For A Woman’s Bush

Wendy Stokesby:


There’s no eloquent way to talk about bush, or for those of you who prefer to be anatomically correct, pubic hair. But some terms for ladies’ pubic regions are far more inappropriate than others. For example, a certain Frisky employee who shall remained unnamed, referred to her own bush as a “fur pie.” As in, “I am off to get my fur pie waxed.” I had never heard the term before and I hope never to hear it again. After the jump, a list of unapproved names for a woman’s bush.

  1. Fur Pie
  2. Hairy Chin Rest
  3. Spider’s Legs
  4. Vagina Sweater
  5. Magic Carpet
  6. Bearded Clam
  7. Minge Moss
  8. Piss Cutter
  9. Hair Hole
  10. Stripper Stripe
  11. Trouble Triangle
  12. Fidel Castro Eating A Roast Beef Sandwich
  13. Potty Otter
  14. Vagitation
  15. Cat Fur
  16. Frilly Taco
  17. Split Face Hair Shark
  18. Muff Scruff
  19. Cooter Safari
  20. Nose Cozy
  21. Squirrel Tail
  22. Pusstache
  23. Black Box
  24. Hairport
  25. P**sy Brillo
  26. Hairkini
  27. Poon Manchu
  28. Crash Pad
  29. Badger’s Armpit
  30. HUPA

So, what should you call it? These 25 are, apparently, a-okay with us.

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry @xoamelia

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