7 Most Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

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Whether the property is a recently built estate or requires a bit of fixing-upping, it is important to maintain the integrity of that house for years to come. This is why home inspection agents are a justifiable, and necessary, expense. Home inspections typically reveal many problems; here are several of the most common.

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1. Grade Drainage

When grade slopes or drains lead towards the back of the home, don’t be surprised if a home inspector finds wet crawlspaces or cracking. This “water wicking” has the potential to mold and rot the walls as well as the framing members. When floors are visibly out of level, the cost to correct this problem may be steep and is a huge problem among home-buyers.

2. Foundation Cracks

Foundations are prone to natural cracks over time. However, doors or windows that stick and don’t open/close easily are just one of the other signs that there is a problem with the foundation. Without a solid foundation, the rest of the home is out of order and may cause significant problems that are more than wet crawlspaces or uneven floors. An easy (but temporary) is to fill any foundation cracks with silicone caulk.

3. Basement

Do you have a basement? Home inspectors, if they have industry-standard home inspection training, are diligent in their pursuit of spotting flaws. If your basement has visible water stains, an obvious (and obnoxious) stench of mildew, they will notice. These problems are usually caused by water running throughout the house instead of being channelled away by gutters.

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4. Structural

Problems in the foundation (such as we’ve previously talked about) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to common problems. Structural problems in the home include those found in the yard, such as sidewalk cracks or visible tree roots popping through the property.

5. Roof Materials

Every year the foundation of homes age, so do roofs (and the material they’re made of). As roofs age, the damage from water intrusion may mean expensive repairs of future replacement. Whether your roof is made from asphalt shingles, wood shakes, terra cotta tile, or concrete slate, these materials are all susceptible to damage if not properly up kept.

6. Ventilation

Roof soffits that are blocked are just one of the leading problems of ventilation. Poor ventilation in the bathroom or kitchen fans (outside) are just a few areas that require renovation. This means installing extra roof vents (if applicable) and making sure that the attic if there is one, is not insufferably hot. The same applies to bathrooms without ventilation.

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7. Electrical

Any licensed electrician will tell you that electrical wiring problems cause a massive amount of house fires. In your life, think about the number of older homes you saw with extension cords running between rooms. This easily overloads the electrical system. Of course, any home (of any age) with exposed wires can be physically damaged and wreak havoc.



This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are undoubtedly many more problems to cover and tackle. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, these problems are some of the most common ones that home inspectors will find. A small part of these problems can be prevented by upkeeping the integrity of the home, but in most cases may require dipping into your bank account. Home inspections are designed to reveal the flaws and potential hazards of homes and are an absolute necessity to maintain the safety of those within the premises. Do not ignore home inspections.

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