8 Best Foods to Eat For Losing Weight Easily

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What do you do when you want to lose weight?

Stop eating! Right?

But do you know eating less can be one major reason for weight gain? And this is scientifically proven. It makes you bloated, which even makes you appear flabbier.

So the best way to lose weight is to eat. Eat the right food at the right time and in the right amount. Doctors say that food helps to provide nutrient to the body. Any low nutrient diet would make the body dysfunctional, and diseases grow much faster. This is also true in case of the weight loss.

Here are the foods that you must eat to lose

So to stop gaining excess weight, start eating the food this will help in weight loss. Here are 8 foods referred by a dietician in Mumbai to be taken while you aim to lose weight.

  • Milk

source: secretlands.ca

If you are not allergic to the dairy products, then consume milk at least in three servings in a single day. But that should be low-fat one. Milk does help in losing weight by providing some health benefits. Moreover, it has loads of calcium and protein content. Thus, these nutrients are essential to hold the muscle mass of the body.

  • Almonds

source: foodrevolution.org

We have an idea that nuts are high in carbohydrate. Absolutely bit they are good carbohydrate which does not make us gain weight. One among them is Almonds which is low in calories and also gives high calcium content too. A diet with nuts can aids to the weight loss much faster.

  • Water

source: news.com.au

A secret to the weight loss is consuming loads of water. It is one thing which can actually spice up the metabolism of the body and help in losing weight even when you are resting.  Make a habit of drinking water before every meal. This would help in losing weight much faster.

  • Red Chilies

source: commons.wikimedia.org

Though some may find it odd, yes the chilies have the chemicals known as capsaicin which boosts metabolism. This can also lower the appetite with its burning sensation that we feel. Always find this thing in your meal plates at any time of the day.

  • Chicken

source: diys.com

Lean proteins which can make you feel full and also hold the muscle mass.  They will add the calories needed to the body, but not gaining the weight of the body. While digesting the protein, the body needs more energy to work and thus more calories burnt.

  • Oats

source: drweil.com

Full of various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this great food are best for weight loss. If you are trying to boost up the weight loss regimen, then start your day with the oatmeal. Check the difference within one month.

  • Fruits

source: en.wikipedia.org

Particularly the seasonal fruits are the best to include in the weight loss diet chart. They have mostly the water content which our body requires. Moreover, they contain good sugar, which is required by our body for instant energy. Also, they are very low in calories. But there are some fruits which should be avoided taking frequently. They are high in calories and sugar content.

  • Yogurt

source: mobile-cuisine.com

This is a must in for the weight loss diet. It is also a good snack which will lessen the hunger pangs. Moreover, it is very low in calories. Yogurt is also helpful in digestion as they contain the probiotics which are essential to our body. This can be included with the meal in any part of the day.

So try these top 8 foods for weight loss. You can find the changes in you after a few weeks. Moreover, they will also make you healthy enough.

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