A Twitter Troll Compared Taylor Swift’s Vagina To A Ham Sandwich. Just, No.

Wendy Stokesby:


What do ham sandwiches and women’s genitals have in common? Honestly, not a damn thing, but one lady decided to use two ham sandwiches to shame Taylor Swift in a social media post. Twitter user @southern_mayers – an account known for racist/sexist tweets in the name of “Christianity” – posted a picture of two ham sandwiches: on the right, there was a dry ass sandwich with very little meat, and on the left, there was an equally dry ass sandwich with meat hanging out in an attempt to make it look like a vagina. Mayers declared that she preaches about Christianity because her daughter’s vagina looks like the right sandwich, while Swift’s looks like the left sandwich. Umm, NOPE. The dumbass tweet was actually posted in June but went viral this week, prompting a Twitter lashing at the account.

This tweet is fucked up for several reasons. How can she assume anything about the appearance of Swift’s vagina? And, why is she obsessed with her daughter’s genitals? She’s clearly assuming the pop star is having lots of sex with lots of dudes and it is somehow causing her vulva to be larger because she’s not “pure.” This account seems to be set up specifically for trolling, but it’s based on misconceptions about sex and a woman’s anatomy that many people believe to be true.

So, for the LAST time, the way a woman’s vulva looks has nothing to do with how frequently she has sex or the number of sexual partners she has had. Stop being willfully ignorant! Also, never use ham sandwiches in jibberish, sex-shaming tweets. Put some respect (and condiments) on those sandwiches, please

The only good thing about a post like this one is the hilarious trolling posts that follow. Twitter users started using random food items, cartoon characters, and other objects to mimic her original tweet and prove just how dumb people can be on the internet.

If @southern_mayers is a real person, she’s a horrible human who needs to log off Twitter and throw her computer into the ocean. If it’s a troll account, she still needs to find a better hobby outside of posting stupid shit on the internet. Either way, I want Mayers to stop wasting ham sandwiches on her crazy theories.

Original by Tai Gooden

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