About That Time Derek Jeter & Jorge Posada Allegedly Did Gay Stuff In The Yankees’ Sauna

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It’s not too often that we deem a sports-related story worthy of The Frisky’s attention, but considering this one involves a few cute Yankees, a self-published memoir by an embittered former equipment manager, blackmail and dick stuff, I think it fits the bill. If you could do me a solid and imagine this post being read aloud by Harry Caray or Howard Cosell (your choice), that would be awesome.

So, way back when — the mid-’90s — Paul Priore was an assistant equipment manager for the Yankees. He was fired in 1997, and in a lawsuit shortly thereafter, he claimed it was because he was gay and HIV+, though the judge sided with the Yankees’ assertion that he was fired for stealing. Priore has apparently spent the last decade and a half simmering about the ways in which he was screwed, because he has just self-published a tell-all book that makes some interesting claims about George Steinbrenner, the drunk antics of Cecil Fielder and Darryl Strawberry AND, most notably, about who else the Yankees have fucked. Namely — each other!

According to Deadspin, in his book, Abused By The New York Yankees, Priore claims that during their first season with the team, he walked in on beloved shortstop Derek Jeter and catcher Jorge Posada doing stuff to each other’s dicks in the Yankees’ sauna. It’s unclear to me what that entails, but all you need to know is that it was GAY STUFF, OMG. To keep Priore quiet, Jeter and Posada allegedly allowed Priore to give them both oral sex in a car. I guess their logic was one of mutual blackmail and logistics: having two dicks in your mouth does make it hard to talk, and Priore essentially blackmailed them into engaging in an act that they could then blackmail him with? But that also implicated themselves in more gay sex? I don’t know, man. Clearly, this was was before bro-jobs became the hot new trend for straight guys!

Two adored (and straight!) professional sports dudes blowing each other in the Yankees clubhouse sure sounds like just the kind of scandal that sells a book — but given that no actual publisher was willing to back Priore’s claims, forcing him to self-publish, I’m guessing it’s also not exactly factual or provable. I mean, I can certainly imagine Jeter and Posada soaping each other up in the Yankees shower or fingering each other’s buttholes in the steam room, so while it’s not impossible that Priore’s story is true, he might have had better luck selling it as fiction.


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