Adult Film Actress Kora Peters Comes Forward About Being Raped On Set By James Deen



A fifth woman has come forward alleging that she was assaulted by James Deen twice during two separate porn shoot. Adult film actress Kora Peters shared her story first on Twitter and then in a more detailed testimonial with Porn Valley Media. She says that on two different occasions, Deen anally assaulted her, the first being when she was brand new to the adult industry and shooting a scene for his personal site. She said he offered to pay her extra to do anal, which she had never done before.

I told him I had never done anal and was brand new to the biz he assured me it would only be one position for 2 minutes. When he rammed himself inside my ass I shot off across the bed & started crying because it hurt so bad. The director (his friend) yelled at me for ruining the scene by crying. James & the director both told me that I couldn’t leave & wouldn’t get paid if I didn’t finish the scene & they offered me drugs and alcohol on set. I had to call a friend (I will not share her identity) to come get me cuz I was physically and emotionally too fucked up to drive home from set. I then called my agent and told him to put anal on my no list as I couldn’t handle it.

The second incident occurred after she agreed to do a girl/boy scene (with anal still being on her “no” list) with Deen for a large production company, and while cameras were rolling, she says he anally raped her.

James keep trying to get inside my ass but I kept pushing him away, so he choked me then he slammed my face down into the couch and forced himself in my ass anyways. The crew all high fived him and told him what a great job he did getting an anal scene for the price of a b/g scene.

After the scene, Peters says she called her agents at Goldstar, and they told her she should “feel honored” that one of the “best male performers” wanted her “that badly.” She says she hired a lawyer to get out of her contract with Goldstar, has refused to work with Deen ever since, and that she had to see a doctor because the assault caused her permanent damage.

“People ask how can you rape a pornstar, and I find that to be cruel,” Peters says. “We are People and No means no no matter your profession! When I did speak out I was the one under attack so I kept silent for my safety.”

Stoya, Tori Lux, Ashley Fires and an anonymous woman called T.M. have also accused Deen of rape and sexual assault over the last four days.

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Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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