Alert: There May Be Tiny Fedoras Perched Atop Man Buns And We Are Terrified

Wendy Stokesby:


Trigger Warning: There may in fact be a new trend where men are wearing micro-fedoras on top of their man buns in Seattle, Washington.

Our sources are vague, and perhaps it is all a ruse, but we cannot take our chances here.

Please hide your small children, Generation Xers and above before we all start bleeding from our eyes.

Here is the full picture spotted on the Seattle blog “Capitol Hill Seattle,” where it appears they are not reporting in jest:

With the caption:

The emerging Capitol Hill fashion combo of the man bun hairstyle topped with a micro-fedora successfully unites the best of contemporary styles in hair and hats for young men. This autumn, expect to see the new look showing up in trendier spots all over the Hill.

If this makes it to Brooklyn, I’m becoming a subway mole person. Mark my words.

[Laughing Squid]

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