All The Benefits Of Mental Counselling Therapy

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We as humans are pretty complicated beings, and scientists are still not 100% sure on how some of our organs work. One of the most important ones is the brain – the alpha and omega of all our functions. As you might know, brain death is now considered as the state where we can proclaim one person to be dead, while a few decades ago it was enough that one’s heart has stopped. The fact is that the brain continues working for a few minutes at least after the heart stops pumping which is pretty fascinating.

Anyways, we seem to take care of our physical health visiting the gym often and trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, but we tend to forget about mental health. These two have to go together as without a healthy mind you can’t have a healthy body and reverse – or as Ancient Romans would say, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’. A lot of people develop depression, anxiety, food disorders – all that caused by social, environmental and economic factors; and still don’t address the same enough. People for some reason fear to talk about their problems, and that just contributes to the issue spreading even more.

Let’s take a look at what is counselling (talking) therapy and all the possible benefits of the same!

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What Is Counselling Therapy

Studies suggest that around 500 million people have some type of mental disorder, and that is a huge number. The even bigger problem is that people don’t seem to accept the fact and would rather not talk about it. And believe us early detection is the key to solving a problem, because if you start addressing it at the point where it has already taken over your life – it’s going to be hard. Anyways, mental health counselling therapies seem to work the best, and there are few types of the same (according to which suit you the most):

  1. This one digs deep into your past. Your counsellor will try to make you express everything that has happened, especially traumas that could have affected you in a way. The goal of this therapy is to find the reason why you act or think the way you do – in the present.
  2. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are behind people’s difficulties, and so change the way they feel.
  3. Group therapy. One of the most effective therapies for sure is group therapy. One experienced counsellor leads a group of people with similar mental disorders to talk, discuss and solve the problems together!
  4. Behavior therapy. This one is more of practical therapy. You are encouraged to change your behavior by applying the healthy routine and getting a significant reward. It can remind you of upbringing a child in a way.
  5. Cognitive therapy. Through cognitive therapy, the counsellor aims to help you explore alternative ways of thinking. It is based on a theory that your acts will be determined solely by the way you think.

Source: South China Morning Post

The Benefits Of Mental Health Counselling

  1. First and foremost you will be going through a cathartic experience. As you have been keeping in your thoughts and emotions for so long, letting go will feel like you have been born once again!
  2. Mental health counselling forces you to set aside time for you and your emotions. Now, more than ever, we are all rushing somewhere and forgetting what really matters. Going to such a therapy a few times a week will remind you that your health and love towards others should always be in the first place.
  3. Along with that, as you are talking with a Registered Professional, it is likely that you will start understanding your condition. It will be much easier to cope with the problem on your own as well when you know what causes it and how to affect it.
  4. Through mental health counselling, you will be encouraged to face challenges that life poses upon you. Unlike evading them, you will learn that facing the problem is the best thing you can do and that is for one sole reason – EVERY PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED IF YOU ARE DETERMINED AND WILLFUL ENOUGH!
  5. You will learn how to let go. We all have bad experiences and memories in our lives, but the key to overcoming those is to let go, and you will learn how to do that while on a mental health counselling therapy.
  6. Last, but not least, it will help you alleviate stress. As you are talking with someone who understands you instead of keeping it for yourself, you will feel relieved, and all that stress caused by the heavy burden will be gone!

Source: UCL


The power of talk is incredible, and we should always remember that. No matter how big or small is the problem, talk through it and believe us you will find a way to solve it. Don’t be embarrassed to visit a counsellor as that is a completely normal thing, and we all have tough periods in our lives. Exactly the opposite, that one or two months of mental health counselling therapy can change your life for good!

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