Almost Acceptable Catcalls For Dudes Who Just Can’t Stop Harassing Strange Women

Wendy Stokesby:


Catcalling — clearly guys just cannot help themselves, otherwise they would stop right? Given that the vast majority of women have said that they do not like being catcalled, and yet the street harassment continues, the only thing that can reasonably concluded is that catcalling is built into the fabric of what makes men MEN. So if we can’t stop catcalling, clearly the only solution is to make catcalling more palatable to our lady sensitivities about safety and consent and the right to go buy a bagel without encountering whistles and kissy noises. That way men can continue to be their rude, aggressive, boundary-crossing selves, but in a tiny bit more respectful way. Watch the video above for some ideas from comedienne Sue Smith. I have to say, if the guy who catcalled me this weekend told me how much he liked my clogs instead of whispering “nice nipples” under his breath, I would have said, “uh, thanks” instead of screaming “HEY FUCK YOU!” [YouTube via IAF]

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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