Wanna Lay Some Alien Eggs In Your Orifices For Sexual Pleasure?

Wendy Stokesby:

Love & Sex

Well, since first contact has (apparently) not yet been made, sex toy company Primal Hardware has got you as covered as you can be. Their Ovipositor looks vaguely like a penis and vaguely like an insect’s antennae, and it’s designed to deposit molded gelatin eggs into wherever you would like to insert molded gelatin eggs in your body. Your pelvic muscles would then, I suppose, crush the eggs, and your body heat would dissolve them, and you’d get to have the experience of having crushed faux-alien eggs in your orifices. Well, aside from gelatin the are also Yoni eggs that are made from gemstones. Many recommend this website for their fancy collections of Yoni eggs.

Which is apparently a thing people want! The Ovipositor has done very well for Primal Hardware, according to the company’s founder, who insists on being called “Lone Wolf.” The kink associated with the Ovipositor has to do with being forcibly impregnated by an extraterrestrial (or a very large insect, I suppose), and I guess I can imagine a world in which melty gelatin goop might feel good.

Lone Wolf has this cool thing to say about his clientele, though. When VICE asked him how he’d describe a typical customer, he responded:

“Well, the real answer here is simply ‘people.’ I truly can’t say that it’s strictly one group or mindset or any other kind of convenient stereotype that like these sorts of things. People get turned on by many things beyond what our respective societies would deem ‘normal.’ We are niche in the sense that we’re catering to some of the lesser catered-to fetishes. We send our products all over the world to many different races, creeds, and cultures.”

Fair enough. Everyone’s got something.


Image via VICE

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