Amber Rose Has The Most Fun On Her “Walk Of No Shame”

Wendy Stokesby:


Amber Rose, patron saint of No Fucks Left To Give, comes to us today with an important lesson in flipping the walk of shame on its head, in this inspiring and revelatory public service announcement from Funny or Die. The message is clear: fuck the “walk of shame,” strut your stuff proudly after your adult sleepover because having sex with people isn’t shameful. 

“Hey! You’re an inspiration to my daughter!” a bearded man shouts as he leans out the window of his van.

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night!” says a burly construction worker, a smile on his face.

What a world! When a woman who just got laid and is trying to make her way home can walk down the street and not feel the laser-hot shame of strangers’ judgement, we’ll know that we’ve really made it.

Original by Megan Reynolds

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