Ask Our Underwear Expert: “Help! My Boobs Are Small AND Saggy!” & “What’s Up With Underwires?”

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Oh bras, what do to with them? Generally an uncomfortable but necessary evil, the wrong bra can make your day murder. This week, we cover small but saggy boobs and what’s really up with underwires. And remember, if you’ve {encode=”[email protected]” title=”got a question”} for Brianna, we’ll be happy to send it along!

Note that I also use a cellphone, don’t dare venture above an SPF 30 and depend on red wine as my main source of antioxidants.

Q: I’ve got small breasts — 34A/B depending on the cut — and they hang down to my knees! I breastfed my daughter for two years a long, long time ago. It was as if the boobie fairy showed up and threw my skin for a loop. Now, I know the sag is just a part of my life and has been for over 20 years, but for the love of god, is there a bra with an underwire that will contain my bosom? It sneaks out under the wire. This is just not attractive.

A: Unless your boobs are made from liquid, there should be no sneaking under the wire. That’s a clear sign of a too-loose band. Maybe once upon a time you were a 34, but sizes change over time, especially when a major event like the birth of a child is involved, regardless of how long ago it was. So the first step for you is to get remeasured. You can even do it at home. Now for the fun part. Once you have the right size band, which in your case needs to be slightly snugger, you’ll see the magic a push-up bra can work.

One of our favorites is the Spanx Bra-Llelujah Demi Push-Up because it’s super comfortable and gives you the perfect amount of lift. Another favorite among the saggy-gone-sexy is the Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift — the padding in this one changes with the cup size, so you’ll always have the best fit for you AND it’s convertible so it’s like getting five bras in one. One more thing to keep in mind is this: pay attention to where the band of the bra falls on your body — it should lie in the area halfway between your elbow and shoulder (consult a mirror). Any lower and it’s not supportive enough — it has nothing to lift. Any higher and it’s spill city. And forget what they say about push-ups only being for special occasions — wear it everyday for a boosted new you!

Q: I’ve heard that wearing an underwire bra all the time can be dangerous because it puts pressure on and aggravates certain glands or nodes (something like that). Is that true, or should we alternate between underwire and other styles?


A: My take on this concept is that if you’re comfortable in your underwire, then you needn’t worry.

Note that I also use a cellphone, don’t dare venture above an SPF 30 and depend on red wine as my main source of antioxidants.

So, I talked to the resident experts from a few of our top brands (basically the ones we credit with having invented the bra) and their story is the same, albeit slightly more technical — there is no evidence to suggest that underwires are dangerous to your health. On the contrary, if your wire is a-diggin’, take the friggin’ thing off and get refit because something isn’t right. Underwires are only uncomfortable if they aren’t the correct size for your breasts. Say your cups fit perfectly but your underwire still digs–then it may be time to investigate a different type of underwire. For example…

Glamorise’s Natural Wire and Le Mystere’s No. 9 Collection feature wires that follow a different curve than conventional styles, and solve the poking problem for many women. But if you want to play it safe, you should know an underwire is not mandatory for support. Today’s technology has made a whole slew of bras that lift and support without the use of metal. The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Wireless is an average-busted favorite. The Wacoal Everyday Soft Cup Bra is for the full-busted and fabulous and the Jayne Soft Cup Bra by Goddess is plus-sized paradise. I definitely don’t recommend sleeping in an underwire bra — that’s where you can end up in strange positions during particularly steamy dreams and put uneven pressure on your girls.


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