Ask The Astrosexologist: My Long-Distance Taurus Man Has Gone MIA

Wendy Stokesby:


“I am a Libra woman (9/26/82) who began dating a Taurus man (4/22/83) from another country in August. From the first day he voiced his feelings for me and even stated on our third date that he wanted to be with me long-term i.e. marriage, kids, etc. I have never been told anything like this before and I was flattered, but also way cautious due to my last horrible relationship with a Taurus man.”

“Since returning to his home country, we have talked everyday and we’re making plans for me to visit him, which he suggested, sometime before the year is out. While we have been talking over these few months, I’ve begun to really like him — which I was afraid to admit at first because I didn’t want to get hurt again. He has always said how he feels and even though the distance wasn’t going to be easy, we should try. I find myself thinking of what a future with him would be like and I want it.

About two weeks ago he told me that things were crazy and he was frustrated about work, his life and that he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t really want to talk to people and time to figure it out. I told him I understood about how work can be stressful and told him to take some time. He and I talked a few days later briefly, when he said he needed more time to figure things out and thanked me for trying to help him through this — that was a little more than a week ago. I am now here trying to wait a few more days before contacting him and asking him what is really going on: if he is trying to end things with me or if he really needs time to regroup? I feel like he has just shut me out completely and that is not cool. I miss talking to him and though there is a lot of distance between us I want to help and be there for him. He’s very special to me and may be the one or he may be playing me and feeding me lines. Can you help?” – B

I’m not psychic, but this isn’t sounding too good. Yes, Taurus men are super connected to their jobs and when issues arise, they generally do dive in headfirst and won’t come up for air until the problem is solved. However, do realize that that how he handles things in this stressful time is how he will deal with stress later and if he feels he can just shut you out when he wants, then prepare for this not to be an isolated incident. Looking into his chart, I can tell you this for sure won’t be the last time.

While he has lots of Taurus placements (Sun, Mercury and Mars), making him solid, dependable and out to do the right thing, his Venus is in Gemini and it makes him one tricky bitch. This aspect can make him feel compelled to go back and forth on his feelings, as he likes duality in his emotions and the need to see two sides to every situation; otherwise commitment can make him feel trapped. Sorry, but it’s true, Venus in Gemini people do feel safer having one foot out the door … and while he was promising a lot early on, his foot out the door was already knowing he would not be in the country for so long.

You, on the other hand, have Venus in Virgo, which squares his — meaning it creates tension and makes it harder for long-term bond building, because you two will have a different approach. You are more stable and methodical, while he can react suddenly — which it seems like he is doing now. Overall though, you two do have a mix of super compatible elements and aspects happening, so who knows what will happen. Mr. Taurus man can be on the up and up, and a week isn’t so long — so give it a little more time and see what he says. However, when he comes back for air, he MUST have some major explaining to do — as in when your visit is going to happen and more of a clear picture of something that you can count on. If it’s not the next step he brings up, and there is more ambiguity, then DO start making other plans because a Taurus man that isn’t acting completely subservient to your needs is never a good sign.





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