Astrology 101: The Aries Love Compatibility Guide

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Happy birthday, awesome Aries! As our gift to you, we put together this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic match-ups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life!

Aries with Aries:

Best thing: Being with another Aries will be loads of fun and endless adventures, not to mention an extremely fiery and passionate romance!

Worst thing: The two of you magnify each other’s explosive nature (translation: your fights can be seen from space), which is exhausting and detrimental in the long run.

Aries with Taurus:

Best thing: With Taurus, you can balance each other out. They will help bring your big ideas down to earth and you will help get them out of their comfort zone.

Worst thing: You have very little patience for how slowly Taurus takes to do anything and everything, from getting ready in the morning to deciding where to go on vacation.

Aries with Gemini:

Best thing: You will immediately fall in love with Gemini’s fun, lively, chatty, positive nature! You two have amazing chemistry and similar ways of doing things.

Worst thing: You may find you do not have the patience to put up with their incessant need to talk out the details of every single thing. You’d rather just do something than talk about it.

Aries with Cancer:

Best thing: Cancer will validate, listen to, and understand your emotional nature in a way that helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Worst thing: Cancer is so sensitive that you may feel like you cannot express how you are feeling without always hurting their feelings.

Aries with Leo:

Best thing: Leo is an amazing partner for you! You two have the same intense energy, passion, and goofy senses of humor — plus you’re more than happy to soak up all the affection Leo loves to give.

Worst thing: Too much similarity can lead to clashes. You and Leo both always want it your way, and if you can’t learn to compromise this could lead to disaster.

Aries with Virgo:

Best thing: You will love how Virgo always lets you take the lead, and does everything they can to help you make all of your wildest dreams a reality.

Worst thing: Their tendency to over-analyze things really gets on your nerves — you prefer to just let things go and move on.

Aries with Libra:

Best thing: This connection will feel natural and satisfying. You and Libra share an enthusiastic, lighthearted way of looking at the world, and will have tons of fun together.

Worst thing: Libra’s inability to make decisions will drive you absolutely mad!

Aries with Scorpio:

Best thing: You are drawn to Scorpio’s passionate and powerful personality. You will feel free to express your true self with them — no holding back here!

Worst thing: You like to keep things light and fun, while Scorpio tends to be quite serious. Your temper is hot but fizzles quickly, while Scorpio can brood for years. These differences can cause a major rift.

Aries with Sagittarius:

Best thing: The Aries/Sagittarius relationship is a whirlwind of excitement and new adventures! You two will make a lifetime of crazy, exciting memories together.

Worst thing: Since you can both be extremely stubborn, you may have a hard time seeing the other’s perspective and compromising on, well, anything.

Aries with Capricorn:

Best thing: If anyone can help you follow through on your big plans, it’s Capricorn. Their determination and persistence will inspire you to stick with it.

Worst thing: Capricorn is way too stuck in their rigid ways for you. You want to be spontaneous, while they need extensive plans for everything.

Aries with Aquarius:

Best thing: You and Aquarius will find you never run out of things to talk about. You’ll share a dynamic social life and enjoy trying new things as a couple.

Worst thing: Aquarians tend to try to make logical sense out of your emotions and calm you down when you’re upset, which you see as devalidating how you feel.

Aries with Pisces:

Best thing: You will love Pisces’ flexible approach to life and openness to experience anything you have in mind.

Worst thing: Your energy levels couldn’t be more different — you are hyper and outgoing, while Pisces is lower energy and much more introverted. It can be tough to find the balance between these two extremes

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