#Blessed: Amber Rose Freed The Nipple On Twitter

Wendy Stokesby:


Amber Rose has proveN herself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to standing against slut-shaming and sexual double standards for women. Whether it’s serving Kanye a viral comeback after being dissed, standing up for Kim Kardashian after her nude backlash, or writing a personal op-ed for Time, Amber Rose has proven that time and time again she will continue to speak out against this crap, no matter how much she’s piled on.

In one of her recent Tweets she simultaneously blessed the internet and freed her nipple, in solidarity with Slutwalk 2016 and the Free The Nipple movement. Keeping in line with her brand, she’s glowing like a goddamn sun with white fur draped near her freed nipple, giving the camera intimidatingly calm eye contact. For most people, freeing the nipple would emulate a medical textbook (hopefully not a sick chapter, but we can’t have it all), but for Rose it looks more like a Vogue cover.


Original by Bronwyn Isaac

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