Bree Olson On James Deen During Periscope Broadcast: “He’s A Sadist”

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On Saturday, Bree Olson –a former porn star perhaps best known for being one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses” – spent just over an hour on Periscope telling viewers about her own disturbing experiences working James Deen. Olson was clear in her support of the now eight women who have accused Deen of sexual assault/rape in the last week, and said that her experience shooting with Deen led her to conclude that he is a “sadist.” (The Periscope broadcast has since either expired or been deleted, so I can’t quote directly from it, though I did take notes while I was watching.)

One particular experience shooting with Deen led her to put the porn star on her “no” list, as she found him to be unnecessarily and extremely rough during a scene that was only supposed to look a little rough. But sometime later, she was convinced to take him off her “no” list and urged to work with him again, on the condition that he would be a lot more gentle, and that this particular shoot would not be a repeat of his prior behavior. In fact, Olson said, before they started filming, Deen came up to her and apologized for the last time, assuring her that he wouldn’t be rough with her and that they would have fun. But the minute cameras started rolling, Olson said Deen began treating her even rougher than before, but at least initially kept the pain he was inflicting on her out of the cameras view. She described how he would pinch the side of her waist not facing the camera incredibly hard, just to hurt her in a truly painful way and not to give her any sort of pleasure.

Olson spent a good chunk of the Periscope broadcast watching the scene on her iPad with the volume up so that the viewers could hear, making it very clear to everyone watching that she was not enjoying herself at all during this shoot with Deen, and that he was essentially even rougher with her in this scene than ever before, almost as punishment for putting him on her “no” list to begin with. Deen, she said, was penetrating her so violently and with such force that she was actually crying — and Olson could be seen welling up with tears as she rewatched the scene during the broadcast. At a certain point, Olson can be heard wailing and crying in a tone that she described as “the sound of someone being raped.” Olson was clear that rape wasn’t quite what was happening on set that day, but that Deen’s treatment of her messed with her so badly that she decided to leave porn altogether.

Like I said, the Periscope broadcast no longer exists, but this person’s Twitter timeline can attest to the brutal nature of the audio Olson played. Here are a couple tweets posted by listeners during the broadcast:

Also weighing in with support for Deen’s victims is porn industry veteran Brian Kendrick, also known as “Brian Street Team,” who came to know Deen and his ex Joanna Angel during their relationship. In a letter posted to a site called Headlines.XXX, Street wrote that he witnessed Deen’s emotionally and verbally abusive treatment of Angel, including berating her for an hour because she brought him the wrong yogurt, and also offered this assessment of Deen’s manipulative personality:

What I’ve come to realize is that no one can be James Deen’s friend. I’m sure there are some that are reading this thinking that they are. I’m sorry. You are wrong. He does not posses the ability to be friends with someone. Oh I’m sure he is nice and polite to you while you’re cutting him a nice check for the work he’s done for you but he is not your friend. He is using you, you are being manipulated by a cold hearted, sociopathic being that does not care if you live, die or get crushed by a passing bus. …

Saying that he is just an asshole is an understatement. He is a sadistic fuck that enjoys the discomfort of others. He enjoys being in control of people. …

When you demoralize someone, especially an individual that is as accomplished as Joanna is, and tell them in the comfort of “friends�? that she is a worthless moron and she a terrible director and stupid and there’s no reason she should own a company and on and on and on with this repetitive onslaught of hurtful words towards a person you “love and admire and wish it would have work out better with�? THAT is beyond being an asshole. That is someone who is not a person. …

This is a pattern of abuse that this diseased individual has displayed over many years. He has manipulated those around him to believe he is a nice guy. You have been deceived. This is not true. He is a bad person.

You can read the entire letter here.

Original by: Amelia McDonell-Parry

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