Compare Awning and Hopper Windows Barrie to Make a Choice

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Searching around Barrie for the right window type but can’t seem to figure out whether to have hopper windows or awning windows?

Don’t have enough knowledge to trace differences between the two? If yes, then here is everything one needs to know:

  • Awning Windows

Awning windows Barrie have been around since ages. They are designed to improve airflow inside the home without requiring air conditioners to work hard. They are responsible to keep home’s interior cool, comfortable and relaxing. Their sashes open outward, thereby allow fresh air to keep internal environment refreshing. As far as their installation is concerned, they are hinged on the top while employ certain mechanisms or crank to operate securely.

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Awning windows Barrie are quite simple in looks. It takes help from the ancient origin of fabric awning to operate smoothly. The best part is that they always have room to accommodate new technologies, meaning that homeowners are rest assured of having updated awning windows Barrie every time they will purchase.


Awning windows Barrie are famous for their ventilation and versatility. They do not only maintain a cool breeze but also prevent security threats and unwanted critters to disturb the inhabitants. Basically, they are prevailed through time and are worth every change. They open outward but don’t let moisture to seep in the home.

  • Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are known as the opposite of awning windows. They are the invention of modern era as they are intended to resist dust kicked up by speedy automobiles on dirt roads. They are perfect for people who need fast changes according to the society with no compromise on ventilation. They are hinged at the bottom and allow sashes to move inward.

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Hoppers are designed to accommodate small spaces that demand added security and other safety measures.


Hopper windows have turned out to be the best addition to prevent dirt and debris. They work as a strong barrier against unwanted contaminants while ensuring optimal ventilation through the home. They work efficiently when installed high on the wall. They are particularly designed to meet security and privacy requirements.

Making a Comparison

Both window types are good for areas that have small spaces and need natural light and occasional breeze. They are ideal for areas that do not want to make a compromise on comfort in small spaces. They also maintain energy efficiency and sustain internal environment with an airtight seal.

Awning and hopper Barrie windows are made up of thicker glass that make it hard to break while let energy conscious glass to maintain warmth or cool temperature as needed. An interesting fact about these two window types is that they do not possess too many drawbacks due to palatable features and inoffensive sizes. It’s only that they accumulate more debris than regular windows because they are either top or bottom hinged.

All in all, both types of windows Barrie are a smart choice. It’s just about realizing the need and selecting an option accordingly.

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