Different Types of Exercise Bikes – Upright, Spin, Recumbent & Elliptical

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Exercise bikes are excellent to get some workout without leaving your home. You can watch your favorite TV show while you are pedaling up the hill and sweat to get all the negativities out. However, getting the right exercise bike isn’t that easy, especially if you have never owned one before.

If you’re thinking of investing in an exercise bike, you might not know where to begin in terms of what’s best for you and your needs and check out this website.  Essentially, at-home exercise bikes can be broken up into three different groups.

Upright Bikes

If you’re perhaps looking for an exercise bike that is most similar to a regular bicycle, then you might want to consider an upright bike.

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Just as with a regular bicycle, the seat supports the brunt of your weight and the pedals are right under your feet.  Furthermore, while regular bicycles are an excellent choice for cardio and lower body exercise, it can also end up targeting your core and upper body.  The upright bike is no different!

However, it’s important to note that although an upright bike can assist you with a great workout that targets many muscle groups, it can potentially leave you sort in the buttocks and lower back.

Generally speaking, upright bikes are easier to transport, and they can even come with things to keep you entertained while you work out, like a small TV!

Recumbent Bikes

With a seat that reclines, the recumbent bike can be considered a little more relaxed and leisurely.  Its seat is almost like a chair and there is a backrest.  The pedals are also extended out in front of you, rather than right below you with the upright bike.

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Furthermore, instead of the handlebars being directly out in front of you, like with a regular bicycle, they’re instead on the sides of the bike.  Essentially, all these features are intended to offer the most support as well as take any stress off your joints.

Similar to upright bikes, you can also get things to entertain you while you exercise, like TVs.

It’s important to note that although recumbent bikes offer the lowest amount of muscle engagement and exercise intensity, it does, on the other hand, allow you to exercise if you have things like back or knee problems.

Indoor Spinning Cycles

Set for more convenient rides, whether at home or the gym, indoor bikes are an efficient way to reduce environmental factors such as the weather and save you time.

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You might find indoor cycles looking and feeling a bit similar to upright bikes but, note, there are a few important differences between the two.  With an indoor cycle, you will find the handlebars are further from your seat, thus forcing you to shift your body forward while you’re exercising.

Additionally, the indoor cycle is a bike where you can stand up and peddle, thus, giving you a more intense workout as you engage more muscle groups.  If you’re looking for an intense workout and a high-intensity calorie burn, then the indoor cycle is your best consideration.

Lastly, you typically won’t find indoor cycles with entertainment, like TVs attached to them.  Indoor cycles tend to be the types of bikes you see at spin classes and therefore, are meant for exercise purposes only.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the different types of exercise bikes selecting which one is best for you and your workout routine will be a breeze!  Each bike has something different to offer in terms of exercise potential, support, and even entertainment!  Happy cycling!

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