Dude Looks We Love: Aviator Sunglasses

Wendy Stokesby:


Aviator sunglasses have been around for nearly 100 years, making appearances in everything from “Top Gun” to Lindsay Lohan’s coffee runs. They’re a great look on both sexes, but there’s something so hot and mysterious about a guy in dark aviator sunglasses. Here are five reasons we love a man in aviators …

  1. The style is flattering on all face shapes, so it’s no exaggeration to say this is a great look for any guy.
  2. While the vast majority of people who wear aviator sunglasses are not, in fact, aviators, some of them surely are. And there’s nothing sexier than chatting with a dude who may or may not pick you up for a first date in a fighter jet.
  3. Since the style originated in the military, throwing on a pair of aviators creates a bit of the “man in uniform” effect, minus the jumpsuit.
  4. Usually, when I see a picture of Zac Efron, I’m like, “Oh, that’s nice.” When I saw the above picture of Zac Efron wearing Ray-Ban aviators I was like, “SWEET MOTHER OF GOD.”
  5. Like the slouchy beanie (another Dude Look We Love), this manly accessory also looks great on women and is easily steal-able. So encourage your man to buy a pair, and then snag ‘em for yourself.

Original by Winona Dimeo-Ediger

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