Eight Ways To Have A Frisky Vacation

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Summertime is all about summer lovin’. How do you go get you some? By getting out of town. Here’s how we get frisky on vacation.

1. Destination Comfortable

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Make sure your partner is into the vacation. Don’t drag your date to someplace they’d complain about, like taking a meat and potatoes guy to a vegan spa. You both want to be at ease, so you’ll be easy.

2. Wake Up With Sex

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A great way to start the day. It’ll defray any travel tension, get you up and at ‘em ASAP, and work up an appetite for breakfast.

3. Bring Fresh Fruit

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Eve used an apple. To get him in the mood to take a juicy bite out of you, keep fruit dangling. Grapes are classic for feeding, strawberries go well with champagne and make great natural lipstick, plums and peaches are messy and fun like foreplay. Best of all, fruit is delicious, it’s nutritious, and it’ll keep everyone’s energy up between feasts.

4. Go Somewhere With Fun Places To Have Sex

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Any change in locale automatically makes sex fresh. From a private beach, to a picturesque terrace, to even a sleeping bag under the stars, doing it in a different unique space always hits the spot.

5. Stay Sexy

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You can be natural, but still look good. Wear clothing that fits well, matches, and shows some skin. But what you wear underneath is important too — make sure you bring the must have lingerie.

6. Don’t Over Plan

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Jam packing a schedule is a great way to see a new place and a bad way to get laid. Make sure you don’t tire out your man during the day, cause you’re going to need him at night and in the morning: see #3.

7. Don’t Get Too Drunk

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Vacays are about loosenin’ up. So, you should drink, but don’t get wasted. That would be a waste o’ sweet vacation time. And getting too drunk to eff is easily avoided, even when the drinks have umbrellas in it. Just keep drinking water.

8. Be Sure to Pack A Camera

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So you can capture all those sexy time memories.

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