8 Things To Do While Stranded At The Airport

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If you live on the East Coast or are trying to travel to there, chances are you’re stranded at the airport at this very moment. Thank you, Snowpocalypse! I too was stranded at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Luckily, Mom and Dad bailed me out and now I’m just stranded at their house, but that’s another post. I made the very best of my time in airport exile — find out how you can too!

1. Strangers. Strangers are fun! And the airport is full of them. Different strangers are good for different purposes. Scope them out. Move around like a spy until you find the craziest people at the airport. I personally have a soft spot for dysfunctional families. Especially while under the duress of being stranded. It brings out the worst in people in a way that’s best for you.

2. Dudes. Hot dudes are stranded at the airport with you. Duh! You have a captive audience for conversations. Sit next to your favorite one. If he’s not wearing a wedding ring, open your laptop and pretend to type until he talks to you. You have something in common. You are both stranded. And thirsty. Good thing there’s a bar in your terminal.

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3. Alcohol. Speaking of the bar in your terminal … go visit it already. Twelve-buck Bud Lights make time pass so much faster. Also, a good place to make fast friends in your new environment.

4. Coffee. Starbucks anyone? Get jacked on caffeine and take a jog up and down the moving walkway. Race strangers or hot dudes for money. Break a sweat. And then go to the bar fahchrissakes.

5. Books. This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the reading you’ve been meaning to do all year. Your terminal has a bookstore with every best seller. It’s never to late to read the latest Jodi Piccoult or the entire Twilight series! Get after it, genius.

6. Communication. Most airports have wireless internet. This is the most perfect time to return all your emails, gorge yourself on Facebook, or organize your inbox. Turn on every available chat function and talk to someone random who is also stranded. They are desperate for company and so are you. Or, ahem, you could read The Frisky. Even though you already are.

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7. Food. It’s holiday time and until you reach your final destination, I give you permission to binge. Pick your poison: McDonald’s, Cinnabon, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, House Of MSG. Go buck wild, stranded travelers, you deserve it. And remember, calories consumed while in transit don’t count!

8. Shopping. I’ve got two words for you. DUTY FREE. Buy makeup, perfume, alcohol, candy, and a travel pillow with a blindfold. You’ll need it when your flight gets canceled again and you have to sleep in a booth at Chili’s.

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