From Idea to Business

Danielle Grangerby:


The road to success in personal or professional life is a long one, with bumps and obstacles waiting behind every corner. Taking this as a challenge is the most crucial advice someone can give, to enjoy the ride all the way. The point where you have recognized that the current professional career doesn’t fulfill your needs and ambitions can mark the birth of an idea of your business. After concluding the fact that you want and deserve more recognition and financial benefit in the business world, you must be precise in what way you wish to transform your idea to a profitable business.

Note that, when approaching such a matter you must address your idea as a project, that needs constant developing and work.  Think it all over, even the smallest details as building a brand, ways of promotion, the logo and other stuff. Many entrepreneurs neglect these things. However, the logotype is the face of the business that will meet your clients. Plus, it would be a big advantage when looking for the influencers. If you still do not have one, you can use online services as Logaster and create it in a matter of minutes.

There are examples of people who wished to do this, establish their own business, live their dreams, but never had the courage to take the first step. Unfortunately, this is the problem, hoping and waiting will lead you to failure. Taking the required activities will allow you to continue to grow one step at a time. Tactically looking at the business project, you will be able to define clear pluses, eliminate or lower the potential risks, and in general have long-term planned action at your disposal.


The first step is to analyze the potential markets, for your products or services that you plan to put into practice. In this case, we suggest you use professional help of companies because they will provide a quick and realistic look inside your desired market. Through surveys and conducting studies with the gathered information for a precise answer for your business, you would eliminate wrong demands and groups of people you could have spent resources and time on. With the growth of the product or service you had in mind, marketing activities should follow to introduce the wide audience with its existence.

Based on the info you get, you will be able to specify and make a unique and creative product or service and offer it to consumers. For the end product and services, you must have in mind the cost of production, use of materials, needed time for the output, targeted group of consumers as well as some other factors. Developing a prototype is a safe way to adopt changes to your product or service, before submitting your request for a patent. After sending the application for the license, you will not have any legal right to make changes to your product or service.


A business plan should be next on your to-do list, defining your options and potentials. You will have a strong confirmation for the invention idea which you can present to potential investors in your project. This is a way to move from the stumbling block of your financial limitations and increase chances of success for your project. The last step is gathering permits, documents you will need to start producing or delivering your services. We suggest you use professional legal help, because of the delicate matter and the fact the percentage of mistake in the process of submitting the required documents is almost eliminated.

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