Trends For Men: Garter Belts To Hold Up His Thigh-Highs!

Wendy Stokesby:


Even after the mantyhose, skirts for men, bras for bros, girdles for guys, and Spanx just for dad, it’s still totally crazy and absurd to think about a man wearing a lacy garter around his thigh. My assumption was that men who wear garter belts must be cross-dressers or into the whole fetish thing. Right? But maybe I’m being narrow-minded over here. After all, John Galliano had male models rocking garter belts during his Fall 2009 runway show (above), and a company called Comfilon sells them along with thigh high stockings (see pic after the jump). A man taking off his chinos and revealing underneath a sexy black garter belt may be the new trend, but would women actually embrace and find them sexy or, gulp, normal? My reaction is, “No, thank you!.” Maybe it’s sexist, but garters are meant to be worn by women and only women. Or those who want to dress like women. [Trend de la Creme]

Original by Persia Ali

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