10 Names For The Opposite Of An Erection

Wendy Stokesby:


Over on Gawker, a commenter wondered what the opposite of an erection is. And that got me wondering, hey, what is the opposite of an erection called? To clarify, we’re not talking about a flaccid penis here. This is more like: If an erection says, “I have seen something that has given me an erection,” whatever this is says, “I have seen something that makes my penis the opposite of erect.” It’s like a no-boner. Get it? Like a no-brainer! Anyway. Check out our list of the top 10 names you could call the anti-erection if the situation required.

  1. Limpy
  2. No-No
  3. Hidey San
  4. Witching Rod
  5. Failure to Launch
  6. Sleepy Joe
  7. Weenis
  8. Down Dog
  9. Mr. Softy
  10. The Decumbentator

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Original by Susannah Breslin

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