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Google isn’t solely a search engine. It can be a very powerful and valuable marketing tool as well. There are various Google business tools that are greatly useful to all the marketers out there. We can present and explain just some of the most useful Google tools to help you use the most of what Google has to offer.

Google my business. All you need to do is claim your Google My Business listing, and you got yourself some free advertising on Google. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is. This is the way to get your company featured in the search results and Google Maps. GMB is a place to focus your efforts in the beginning. All you need to worry about here is presenting the accurate and complete information about your firm.
The only requirement for using it is that you need to have some interaction with customers that aren’t online.

Google AdWords. In case the organic search isn’t providing you with the amount of traffic you want, you have an option to use a paid search campaign using Google AdWords. It’s one of the most effective ways in business marketing, and it will allow you to grow your company. It’s, however, necessary for you to know how to use AdWords in order to get what you paid for and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

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Marketers can target users across the search network or Display network. The first refers to pay-per-click advertising. It includes you bidding on keywords that you consider relevant for your business. Users who type those keywords in Google will see your ad.
The Display network allows you to place a banner on websites that are part of the Display network.

Google Alerts. This tool lets you keep track of the latest news and mentions of your brand. It is a content change detection and notification service. It can also be used to keep up with the competition – see where they are building profiles or where they are being mentioned.

Google+ Business pages. Google+ lets you create a business page with the goal of promotion. By creating the Google+ page, you’re integrating your business into the Google system which means that users will find it more easily.

Google Trends. It’s a tool made to help you make better choices of keywords. You can check the popularity of certain terms and phrases and make comparisons with different words. This way you can keep track of what terms are searched more often and how the trends are changing. Whenever you’re not sure about what keyword to use, just open Google Trends.

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Google Blogger. It’s a publishing platform designed for writers, so they are able to upload content to blogs via email, Google+ and other programs. It makes the creation of blogs much easier and faster.
Blogger is integrated with Google AdSense and Google Analytics.

Google Docs. It’s a tool that lets you share spreadsheets, documents, presentations and similar to other users. It also makes the communication and collaboration between companies faster and easier since by using Google Docs the lag time of emailing documents is eliminated.

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