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All true lovers of art have found themselves in a situation where they’re passing next to a beautiful renaissance or expressionist painting and thinking what it would look like hanging above their bed. Sadly, the original is not for you to take home, but there is an alternative. You can easily find canvas and photo paper printing services online and order your own Claude Monet piece for your home

But before you do that, it’s important to understand the difference between printing on paper and printing on canvas. Printing on paper gives a traditional look and feel of the photograph. It’s also possible to achieve more detailed print when it’s done on a paper. Once the paper is matted and framed, it can really look stunning. Also, paper prints are significantly cheaper than the prints on canvas.
The reason you’ll pay more for a canvas print because the prints of oil paintings on canvas look much more like an original and canvas can stand the test of time. Even the best paper will start to lose its quality after a while.


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Some, like Meister Drucke, a company based in Austria, prefer to print on canvas. Even though canvas will last longer than the paper, they understand that art should be accessible to all, and that’s why in case you chose the cheaper option of printing on paper, they will still make sure you get a high-quality fine art print that will reflect the original as much as possible.

The piece that people request them the most is “Wanderer above the sea of fog,” a quintessential romantic piece by Caspar David Friedrich made in 1818. It shows a male figure, standing on a rock on a cliff, steadying himself with a cane and overlooking a foggy landscape.
The painting draws the viewer inside the head of the gentleman and offers a fantastic view of the cloudy landscape.

Another highly requested print is the one of “Summer evening at Skagen beach – Artist and his wife,” by PederSeverinKrøyer, the Danish painter. This is one of his most famous paintings. It depicts the artist walking on the beach with his wife and dog.

The moonlight appears to be the focus of the painting, while Marie, Krøyer’s wife, seems distant and almost like she blends into the blue tones of the background. The blue half-light, which was so appreciated by the symbolists, gives the viewer a feeling of peace.

Print of “Landscape at Tivoli, with a scene from the grape harvest” is chosen by those who enjoy sunny, colorful landscapes. This landscape painting was made by Karoly Marko in 1846. It lets us enjoy the colorful sunset in Tivoli. You can feel the joyful atmosphere by watching a young man on the ladder or a happy couple coming out of the bushes while the warm tones give us the feeling of peace and serenity.

img source: commons.wikimedia.org

Many also wanted to enjoy in the view from the canal in Venice. The print of “The entrance to the Grand Canal, Venice,” by Giovanni Antonio Canal gives you a chance to do just that from the comfort of your couch. This painter enjoyed painting the Venice, and this might be one of the most detailed and elaborate paintings of the town he made.

“Starry Night” is one of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh and is one of the defining paintings of post-impressionism. Interestingly, this piece of art was made in the mental hospital of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Van Gogh made this around a year before he died. It was a dark and difficult time for one of the greatest painters of that time, and that is something we should remember when looking at this piece. It gives us a glimpse into the world of the artist and makes us appreciate it that much more.

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