How Do Anti-Cancer Foods Prevent Malnutrition

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Due to the fact that we are living in a polluted environment and a mass culture where fast food products and sugary foods are served as convenient options, you have to put more effort into leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your overall well-being. But it is not that hard. By eating a balanced nutritious diet, exercising at least a few times a week, and maintaining that positive mindset you will be complying with three main health habits that will allow you to look and feel better.

Still, there are some people who either have problems with eating due to a lack of appetite, or staying strict to their diet regime and excluding harmful foods such as refined sugar and trans fat products. All of this can lead to malnutrition, and only to say – malnutrition can increase risks of cancer. And we all know that cancer is a disease that has been becoming more common in the past few years. But what is malnutrition in the first place and how can you combat it? Let’s take a look.


What Is Malnutrition

Now, compared to the less common condition called overnutrition, malnutrition is pretty easy to define. Malnutrition occurs once a person lacks essential macro and micronutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. And the main reason for this is not eating well enough. While some people eat a lot of food, but the wrong type, others have a problem of not eating enough of food in general, including whole and nutritious foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits, fish, etc. What this means is that coping with this problem can be done by changing your diet plans, but for some people, it is more easily said than done. Before taking a look at some of the anti-cancer foods that could help you prevent malnutrition and improve overall health, let’s see what are the symptoms of malnutrition:

  • Lack of appetite and weakened immune system
  • Problems with blood clotting and wound healing
  • Loss of focus, irritability, depression
  • Dry skin and pale skin, brittle hair
  • Difficulties breathing and common problems such as feeling cold


What Anti-Cancer Foods Could Help You Combat Malnutrition

In the past few years, there have been numerous studies on certain foods that could be considered as anti-cancer due to the fact that these are abundant in anti-oxidants and a variety of vitamins and minerals that could all help combat the free radicals that attack healthy cells.

1. Let’s start off with the red grapes. You have surely seen studies claiming that a wine glass a day will keep your heart healthy and your digestive system running? Well, there is some truth to it due to the compounds contained in red grapes. Red grapes an abundance of fibers (good for GI tract), vitamins, and of course the most important resveratrol. Resveratrol is a compound that fights off oxidative stress in cells and is great for your health and gastrointestinal Along with that, it is said to promote longevity and prevent tumors.

2. It may have a weird smell but believe is it is absolutely worth it – yes we are talking about garlic. Garlic has two super-compounds called allicin and inulin. Alicin is responsible for anti-oxidant properties and fighting off free radicals along with inhibiting inflammation, while on the other hand inulin is great for your digestive system and colon cleaning. And just to be sure, you should consume garlic fresh and raw (chopped, or as a whole) if you want to get most out of it).


3. Nuts are rich in fiber and do contain a lot of anti-oxidant properties as well. Along with that, nuts are filling and will keep you satisfied for a long course of time. Not to forget, these have a healthy balance of heart and brain-healthy omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. And while we are at it, you should include a tbsp two of extra virgin olive oil in your daily routine as well!

4. Once again, a fibrous vegetable, broccoli is great for overall detoxication and will be of great help in fighting off and preventing cancer.

5. Last but not least whole grains are something you should eat on daily basis. Barley, rye, whole wheat, buckwheat, spelt – all of these contain a lot of GI tract-healthy fiber and anti-oxidative properties. And not to forget, whole grains to keep you full and energized for the next few hours due to the fact that complex carbs take more time to digest.



Malnutrition is a common problem but you shouldn’t let it affect you. Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is not easy, and if you are willing to invest some time in cooking we guarantee that you will be eating healthy and tasty meals on daily basis. Not to forget, free radicals will not even think about coming nearby!

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