How to choose a dress for a formal dinner   

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Many of us find ourselves going through our clothes, not being able to find that perfect dress to wear to a formal dinner. That problem usually arises from not fully understanding the dress code. How formal the dinner is? What if you overdo it? The shoes, the dress, the accessorizing, you have to think about everything. You can’t just put on a suit and call it a day, there’s a whole lot more thinking and planning involved. It’s often a challenge to find something that fits both, your taste and the dress code. However, it doesn’t have to be so confusing. With these tips and tricks, you can be ready in no time without second-guessing your choices.

In the past, formal evening dresses were typically worn to dinners in the evening, but today formal dresses are worn to all sorts of different events. Walking around a boutique with your friend, searching for the dress can make for a very fun and pleasant afternoon!

Simple is good

The beauty of evening dresses is that they can be rather simple while still looking fabulous and being appropriate for the event. If you chose to go with a simpler dress, you won’t let your outfit steal the attention from you. You can always make the dress pop with some amazing jewelry. Carefully chosen earrings, a necklace or a bracelet can truly make you stand out.

Think about the event

Try to predict how formal and smart an event will be. In case you got a pigeon post with fancy calligraphy and thick woven stock, you can assume the event is going to pretty formal. On the other hand, if you were invited via Facebook or other social media, the event will probably be a bit more casual. You still want to respect the event, no matter how the invite was sent, so an ankle-long dress is probably a must. You can always ask other guests, if you know who is invited, about their interpretation of the dress code.

If you can, try finding out what kind of floor you’re going to find on the location. Gravel, paving, parquet, it all requires you to wear different types of shoes. You can always visit an online boutique that can drastically decrease the time spent on searching for the outfit.

The dress

A formal, floor-length dress is a must. You can, however, show up in a cocktail-length dress, but only in a case, it’s very formal and sleek. You have to look like you have respect for the occasion. LBD paired with fabulous shoes is also allowed, in which case you will want to add some beautiful jewelry. When you’re picking a dress, it’s important to choose a color that matches well with your skin tone. Poorly picked color can make the dress look cheaper and make you look like something’s off. Luckily, we always have black. Black works for everyone and every skin tone, and it goes well with every occasion, except perhaps summer parties. Your body shape is another thing to keep in mind while searching for a perfect dress. When you’re not sure, you can go for a simple V-neckline gown.

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